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It’s almost Friday, folks. We’re almost there. If you made it through the day without taking a nap, I’m proud of you. And even if you didn’t, I’m still proud. You did the thing. I, personally, failed and took several naps. I’ve been studying up on the Indiana driver’s test because in order to get my license here, I have to retake the test. Y’ALL. IT’S BEEN LIKE 9 YEARS. I DON’T REMEMBER THIS STUFF. There’s some online tests that give questions that are on there. I’ve failed them so many times, it’s comical at this point. That may or may not be what led to naps. Ooops. I think we’re going to try it tomorrow, I’ve held off on getting it transferred over long enough. Now that I’m bored with studying and editing the thousands of photos that I need do, I’m here to show off some pretties!

After a small break thanks to life, Courtney from Posh Paints Nail Lacquer is back with a GOOOORGEOUS shifty collection! It’s made up of three multichrome flakies and three flakie toppers and they’re launching this Sunday, the 28th! I’ll have a bit more info on that toward the end. Let’s get to the pretties, shall we?

Before we get into it, I wanted to let you guys know that I also matted these to pull the colors out, and holy eff, they’re life. I used Glisten & Glow’s matte TC and my bottle now has a scary fill line. Shit’s serious, y’all.

Flaming Star Nebula; a multichrome flake that shifts from violet to pink to gold in a clear base with itty bitty holo glitters, shifty glitters, and a strong purple shimmer. Y’aaaaall are about to see my favorite. The purple shimmer, holy shit. Now, with the clear base, you’re going to need to either do a few coats for full coverage (you could even sponge some on!) or layer it over another color. For my photos of these three multichromes, I’ve got three coats on my nail plus top coat.


Fire Nebula; a multichrome flake that shifts from red to bronze to copper in a clear base. this one also has the micro holo glitter, color-shifting glitters, and a strong copper shimmer. MMMMH YASSSS Y’ALL. I just love this so damn hard, it’s like a sunset on your nails. Three coats shown here, as well!


Crab Nebula; a multichrome flake that shifts from lime to blue to gold in a clear base. This one also has micro holo glitters, color-shifting glitters, and a strong gold shimmer. Duuuuuuudes. The green in this makes my heart happy. It’s so bright and in your face, I love it. Three coats here!


And now for the toppers! For these photos, I used one coat of each over Enter Sandman, which is also from Posh Paints! Just so I’m not repeating myself, it’s also worth mentioning that these toppers aren’t textured at all (I mean, neither are the multichromes), but yeah. Perfect formulas for all six!


Eskimo Nebula; red to gold to green color shifting flakes in a clear base with shifty glitters and micro holo glitters. I need y’all to take a look at this in mother fkn matte, like. HOLY SHIT. It’s like autumn in a bottle!


Little Gem Nebula; a green to blue to fuchsia to gold shifty flakie topper. This is in a clear base, and also has shifty glitters and micro holo glitters. Look at the blues and purples in this one! It’s so magical in the bottle and then it goes on your nails and BAM. Like. How is this much gorgeousness even possible!?


Wings of a Butterfly Nebula; a blue to green to gold shifty flakie topper in a clear base with shifty glitters and micro holo glitters. My lights pulled the green and orangey gold in photos, but this one is an absolute stunner in person. It’s jam-packed with color and just plain gorgeous. Would be really really pretty if someone were to do a back French tip and then layer this over the black.


You guys, I’m so damn happy that Courtney is back! I’ve missed her gorgeous polishes in my life, and I know lots of folks have too. So, as mentioned in the beginning, you’ll be able to order these on Sunday May 28th. They’re $11 each individually, or $61 for the full set, and you’ll be able to find them here!

So, what do ya’ll think? Are you loving all of the toppers and multichromes that makers are coming out with this year? BECAUSE SAME.


I’m going to get back to studying and editing, but I should be back with more tomorrow for y’all. Thanks for stopping by, loves!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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