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Happy Tuesday, folks! I’m so so so so so behind on editing. Like. I should probably be working on that, but I’ve got so many posts this week, that I ought to at least get one up, right? I was hanging out with my boyfriend earlier at the LAN Center that he works at, and uploaded about 600 photos. Mind you, this is before editing. I save all of the originals just in case, and then narrow them down, and edit them from there. I’m excited, though. This week means that you guys are going to see a TON of gorgeous polishes, from indies and mainstream alike.

I’ve got a few more polishes from Mardi over at The Howling Boutique’s Supermoon Lacquer for this lovely evening! They’re three holotastic duochromes from her 3rd collection, called the Chosen Collection. They’re gorgeous, and I love that Mardi incorporated suggestions from the members from her fan group on facebook. Small things like that make me absolutely adore her!

“Each of the polishes in this collection were voted on by members of The Howling Boutique’s Wolf Pack group on Facebook. A total of thirty-six colors were narrowed down to twelve via member voting, and from there I picked my favorite seven to make up the final collection. Wolf Pack members then commented with color names and I chose three per polish, before the Pack then voted to choose the ‘winning’ suggestion. Hence the collection’s theme and name (The Chosen).”

Luck of the Draw ($11); “A green holographic duochrome with turquoise and green-to-blue color shifting shimmer, and iridescent green-to-teal color shifting microglitter. Luck of the Draw was named by Wolf Pack member Serena Hitchcox.” Dudes. It was noted that this may take 2-3 coats for full opacity. NOPE. This was one single perfect coat with top coat. Like. Ho. Lee. She. It. It’s absolutely beautiful. It pulls super close to an emerald green on me, it’s magical.


Crossroad Blues ($11); “A dark blue/teal holographic duochrome with turquoise-to-purple color shifting shimmer and iridescent blue-to-teal color shifting microglitter. Crossroad Blues was named by Wolf Pack member @alphabootoo.” This was another one-coater for me! The formula was a little thick, but I know for a fact that it’s just because it’s super pigmented. I had no issues with application, whatsoever. I had issues pulling the purple shimmer in my photos, but look at that turquoise!


The Apple of Eve’s Eye ($11); “A red holographic duochrome with copper and red-to-orange color shifting shimmer, and gold and copper holographic microglitters. The Apple of Eve’s Eye was named by Wolf Pack member @insomniaccatnails.” I needed two coats for this one, but it’s still crazy pigmented, my dudes. The copper and orange, just. unf. Such a seductive color, mmmhmmmm.


Ain’t they lovely, y’all? Now, only one out of the three are available (Luck of the Draw), but Mardi is working on getting a restock setup so you can have the others in your purdy little hands soon!

Do you have a favorite? I’m honestly not sure that I could really pick just one. These are all such stunning colors, especially for autumn. I mean, you already know I’ll wear them all the time. BUT. Fall. Leaves. Falling leaves. Sweater weather. Vampy broody colors. Good shit, yo.

Now that you’ve seen the goods, let’s get to all the links, hmmmm?


Annnnnd now time to head back to ordering WAY too much indie wax and listening to Despacito on repeat for the next few hours. Thanks for stopping by!
***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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