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Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve shared something I purchased, huh? Even better, this is a new-to-me brand! I had the chance to pick out some KBShimmers last year when I won Naked Without Polish‘s giveaway, but honestly hadn’t worn them yet between moves and swatch fests (no complaints, please don’t get me wrong!). I continued buying all things pretty because hot damn, y’all know I love me some pretty polishes, and I clearly have no self-restraint. They’ve got their very own shelf in one of my helmers and I make sure they’re tucked in properly each night before bed. I’m a good polish hoarder like that.

Annnnnnnd moving on…

When the Nauti by Nature collection came out, I snagged the 6 holos so damn fast that my bank account didn’t know what hit it. They’re just so pretty, and honestly unique. Holographic polishes are still my favorite, and I’ll keep buying them, even if I may have dupes, but these. These are such rich and vibrant shades, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t have these exact colors, sooooo they came home with me. It’s bad for my wallet, living in the same town as KBShimmer. Seriously. I’m glad I have my car up here now. I can sneak to pick up an online order without my boyfriend having to take me. IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

This is going to be photo heavy, so let’s get to it, yeah?

Latitude Adjustment; a soft periwinkle blue linear holo. I want to swim in this one. Shit. I want to swim in all of them. But this one, oh my lord. It’s gorgeous. Christy noted that it’s inspired by soft, quiet mornings on the beach, and I can totally see it in the polish. It pulls a little darker on me since I’m so pale, but the color is just beautiful. My photos show one coat plus top coat. LIKE HOT DAMN MY DUDES.


Tropic Like It’s Hot; a vibrant turquoise linear holo. This one is another one coater, too! This one has a seafoam green flame that comes out to play in different lighting. Ugh. I love it so! Definitely makes me think of the great big ocean up against the gorgeous white sandy beaches.


Keep Palm and Carry On; a bright yellow-leaning linear green holo. I love the gold flame that this one has with the yellow undertones, it’s just too dang pretty. It almost like this wintery green, but still vibrant enough that it’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer. This one only needed one coat, y’all. Onnnnneeeee.


Copa-Banana; a gorgeous yellowy gold linear holo. I ain’t even gonna lie. I thought I wasn’t going to like this one, simply because I don’t like yellow and I’m not a fan of gold either. But holy balls y’all. By the time the second coat went on, I was in love. Like, 100000%, the I-wanted-to-marry-it kinda love. It’s elegant and flashy, but not overly so.


The Girl is Tiki; a rusty coral, as KBShimmer describes it. I’m glad they’ve got descriptions up on the website because I had no idea how to explain this magical color. I love it. It’s tropical, but subtle. It was nearly opaque in one coat, but I added a second just to be safe, and it totally intensified the holo. SO GOOD.


Macaw Me Maybe; a scarlet red linear holo with a strong flame. Hello holiday red! I love it. Because of the flame, it pulls this color in a tropical direction, and just lights the entire room up. I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but I think I added a second out of habit.


Maaaan. I’m so in love with these. I’ll probably be buying a backup set. Christy has a great deal on these, too. You can grab all six of the holos from the collection for $55, and get a bottle of their ridge-filling base coat (which I actually quite!) as well. If holos aren’t your thing, or if you’re wanting the shimmer and crelly half of the collection, you can grab those for $55 as well and get a bottle of their top coat. Pretty good deals, I think! I love that their polishes are affordable, but have such high quality.

This is going to turn into one big fangirlĀ post, so I should probably wrap it up now. Thanks for stopping by, loves!

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