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Hey loves! It’s Friday and the sun is finally shining and all is good here in Narnialand. Well, I kinda want the rain back, but at least it’s nice and cool outside. I hope alllllll y’all lovely folks are enjoying your day! I’ve got a few of the new pastel stamping polishes to share with you guys from the lovely Nadia, aka the goddess behind Moonflower Polish. I’ve played with them nonstop since they came in the post, and I’m in love. I’ll definitely be snagging the full set at some point!

Okay, so I’m going to copy a bit of info from the sales page because Nadia describes all of it perfectly and FAR better than I could.

Moonflower– a shimmery white with red/gold/green sparkle (not as opaque as Día, for soft and subtle white stamping designs).
Strawberry – pink with a hint of shimmer.
Mango – peachy orange with a hint of golden shimmer.
Lemon – bright lemon yellow with a hint of sparkle.
Apple – a bright apple green with subtle golden shimmer.
Mint – a bright blue/green with just a hint of silver shimmer. (More green and pastel when compared to Turquesa).
Hydrangea – pastel blue with golden shimmer.
Periwinkle – pastel periwinkle with subtle blue shimmer.

They’re available for pre-order now, but we’ll get to that info toward the end, eh?

And just as a fair warning, this post may be a hot mess. I’ve got a ton of looks to show y’all and I’m going to do my best to list all the things used. But I mean, you can totally ignore my words and just look at pretty pictures. That’s okay. I’m not here to judge. Enjoy yourself, right?

First up is some super subtle stamping using Hydrangea over JulieG’s Tropical! I used It Girl Nail Art’s IG202 plate and a squishy stamper. I don’t know if y’all remember, but I had issues with this plate (and me being a noob with stamping), and these cremes worked wonderfully! They picked up from the plate super easily and came out pretty clear!


Okay, this one was a fail on my part. I chose a base that was just a little too dark for pastel pink and blue. I still like it, though! I used a bundle monster blogger collab plate and Hydrangea and Strawberry to stamp over the lavender. Would be super cute for a spring tea party or something dainty. I don’t know. I don’t leave my house. But it kinda sounds good, right? In person, you could totally see the subtle shimmer in the blue. It was so so pretty!


You think I would have learned my lesson with pastels and light colors, but nope. I actually used the same base as above, which is Dream in Pretty from JulieG and used both Strawberry and Hydrangea here, too. I didn’t blend the colors super well on the stamping plate, but I was a bit worried about overworking the polish. Lina Nail Art Supplies Spring 01 plate was perfect for gradient flowers!


Now, I’m sure y’all might be sick of the pink and blue by now, so let’s take a look at Mango, eh? I stamped it using the Pueen Halloween plate over Braves Diva Nails Smoltzie. I kinda really really love how this turned out! Now, Nadia mentioned that because these have a bit more white pigment that they may develop UBS (just the white settling) over time, but it won’t cause any issues. My bottle had a tiny bit of it, but there were no problems, whatsoever with application.


JK WE AIN’T DONE WITH HYDRANGEA YET. Now, this photo is terrible. The polish underneath (JulieG Bikini) was so bright that it freaked out my phone, 100000%. I’ll show a second picture because I managed to get the colors to balance out by holding the neon in my hand sooooooo. The neon coral with blue just screams summer! I used another Bundle Monster plate, but I can’t seem to find it because I’m an actual potato. I’ll update this once I locate it.

Side note, some car just drove by our house blaring Sweet Home Alabama. My goodness, felt like being back home, haha. THAT WAS AWESOME.


And now, last but not least, my favorite! I haven’t shown Moonflower off yet. I’ve used it a ton, buuuuuuuuut on some polishes that aren’t out yet. Y’all are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for more manis with it. ;)

For this, I used Lina’s Make Your Mark 03 plate – it’s got a blank image for gradients and it works amazingly. These polishes, because they’re on the thicker side, are super opaque, even when thinned out for gradients. I did NOT need a white base for this, and I’m pleased as all get out. Oh, and just for clarity, I did the gradient twice, just to build up the colors. It didn’t need it, but my stamper kinda picked up only some of the polish on one or two nails so I doubled back just to be safe.

Moonflower is what I used to stamp over the gradient, and ugh. I love this so so so so so much. They all blended flawlessly and Moonflower is such a lovely delicate shade over the gradient. The shimmer is just delicious in person.

Y’all. I’m proud. Just sayin’.


And now for the deets! These are available for preorder from now, 5/5/17 until 5/12/17. It’s estimated that they’ll begin shipping in about two weeks.

  • $9 for the 15ml full size, $70 for the set.
  • $5.00 for the 7ml minis, $38 for the set

You can snag them here!

Moar links, just because y’all haven’t seen enough of my word babble:

Ah! And I almost forgot! Some of the bloggers had been having issues with using a clear stamper. My swatches used a squishy marshmallow one, but I also tested them with a clear for funsies and had pretty good luck!


Really though, I know I’ve talked up a storm about these, but they’re wonderful. I love how easily they stamp, how perfect the colors are, everything. They honestly just work super well. If you pick them up, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all!


***The stamping polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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