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This is way late. Because I’m lazy. I’m glad I didn’t have deadlines this week. I woulda let WAY TOO MANY folks down. I haven’t felt inspired or really anything that makes me want to paint my nails over the last two weeks, but Starbucks totally changed that for me one day last week! Now, I’m not super into the unicorn craze, but this drink was too damn pretty to pass up for arting.

The day it came out, I was off, and I’d asked my boyfriend if we could run and get it before he clocked in (my window is still missing on my car and I hate driving AND I can’t drive a stick, so I just ask him, haha!). We wound up running way later and missed out that day, but he said we’d go the next. I figured that was perfect, would give me time to do my nails to match so I could be a total basic bitch and take a photo of them together. Neato. Got up the next day, went to place an order on the app because neither of us people well. First location sold out. Second, sold out. Third, NOPE. I’m pretty sure there’s only three here in Narnia, so we gave up and ordered our regular frappuccinos in standard treat-yo-self style. In all honesty, I didn’t really want the drink to taste it. I don’t like super sweet stuff, and I don’t care to sip sour, but damnit. I had the most privileged white girl first world problem ever, I couldn’t get the drink to match my nails. Times were hard. Whatever.



Alright, I’m not all that great at describing how I do things, so uh. We’ll just stick with the fact that this is a smooshy mani using a stamper and then I used a stamper to add the designs on. I’ll include a list of what I used after these photos.



Products used:


And now for the obligatory basic bitch photo because I can.


And with that, I am out for the night! I’ll be back tomorrow with some gorgeous mainstream polishes that’ll be at Polish Con New York this weekend! Thanks for stopping by, my lovelies!


***Some items in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found in other posts on my blog.***

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