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Hey loves! My staycation is almost over, and that’s sad as all get out, but I’m ready to stop being a sloth. Maybe. I’ve actually been able to sleep, and it’s SO nice not having headaches. I totally needed this! Even better, I’ve had plenty of time to try out nail art. Sure, lots fail, but damnit if I ain’t tryin’ my best!

So for this lovely Saturday, I’ve got some stamping cremes to share with y’all! One of my favorite bloggers, Mama Hearts Polish, recently launched her own brand of stamping polishes known as Moonflower Polish. I’ve had the last week to play with them, and oh man. I’m definitely going to go back and buy every single one. They just work so well, even for someone like me, who isn’t all that great at stamping. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome (and not so awesome) manis I created with these!

Nadia had me pick four colors to try, so naturally I picked two of my favorite colors, purple and turquoise as well as the ever-essential for nail art, black and white. For these manis, I used my squishy marshmallow stamper from Wistonia because my clear stampers and I currently aren’t on speaking terms.

I also wanted to test these over each of the other colors just to see how well they show up, and damn. They’re good, y’all. Now, the images I chose didn’t play well with my stamper, but I had also used my stamper for testing another collection and it needed to be washed, so it didn’t pick up perfectly. Good thing I was only testing the colors, right? But I mean, just look at that! I love all four of these, but especially Turquesa. So good!

Okay, so this one turned out so potato, I didn’t want to share it. Y’all know that I shake, and you can totally see that here. I did a messy drag marble with the Night Owl Lacquer Light & Bright cremes and then used the Make Your Mark 03 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies. While the stamping kinda went a little messy due to me, I love the messy gradient with the stamping. Día is definitely an essential stamping creme for everyone!

We’re just gonna call this one the nanner fail. It’s cute, but I dunno. I’m not super happy with it. Imagine from the NOL collection is the base, and I used the Moyou London Tropical Collection 08 plate to stamp. Look how well Noche stamps! AND I DIDN’T SMEAR IT I’M SO PROUD.

Turquesa. Y’all. And over purple? Hot damn. I think that may be my favorite color combination! I also love the watermarble stamp from the Bundle Monster x Sloteazzy collab plate! Makes it easier for idiots like me to achieve a watermarble look, hah! My base here is Colors by Llarowe Living on Borrowed Time, April’s POTM.

And for this one, I used Believe from NOL as my base and the Bundle Monster x ellandish plate to stamp with Violeta and Turquesa. I’m so in love with this one. No shame. I’m proud. I lined everything up the way I wanted without a clear stamper and those butterflies are too effin’ cute!

Remember that watermarble I talked about the other night? Yeah. It failed. The nails each looked like I used different collections for them, when I only used one collection, the Rainbro Connection cremes from Bluebird Lacquer. Mistakes were totally made. That’s what I get for pairing margaritas with watermarbles. Naturally, I stamped over the top to hide it, and I kinda really love how it came out. Oh! And the plate is the trusty MYM03 from Lina again. I’m so glad I picked it up!

And now, last but not least, I tried to do a mani with all four of the cremes included. Sure, it doesn’t match, but I may or may not have kept it on for a while. I can dig it. I can’t find the exact one now, but I believe I used a Pueen plate for the designs. I think. I’ll get back to y’all on that. I wanted to try a gradient because I’ve been told that these all blend super well, and they do! I didn’t do a whole lot of blending on the plate, but that’s only because I’m not super experienced and I feel like I would have taken off too much polish to get a stamp in time. But loooooook! I plan to go back and try an actual non-stamp gradient with these. Eventually.

All of these cremes are available for purchase now! You can get the full Rainbow Cremes set (10 polishes) for either $80 for full size or $50 for the minis. For the Day and Night Duo, either $16 for the full-sized set or $10 for minis. If you’d rather get the polishes individually, they’re either $8 for FS or $5 for minis.

You guys are going to want to snag these, I promise.

And now for allllll the links!

Thanks for stopping by, my little nerdlings!



***The stamping polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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