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STAYCATION. Y’ALL! We’re on day two. Well, three. But I’m trying not to count, it’ll go by way too quickly if I do. So, I’ve got a pineapple margarita in hand, some new music playing, and my dumb ass is attempting a watermarble. Y’all may or may not see that at some point. We’ll have to see how it turns out. I’m just so dang excited to be off work, for more than like a day and a half. I’ve needed this. AND! I haven’t had a headache or migraine since I had the daith piercing done! Shit. Is. Good.

Why not kick off the staycation with some effin’ fabulous neons?  Lindsay over at Night Owl Lacquer created her first full collection of bright colors, and you guys, they’re amazing. I’m not just saying that because I love the hell outta Lindsay. These are honestly some of the best cremes ever AND they’re the perfect washed-out/almost pastel neon shades. Oh, and they DO NOT NEED UNDIES. I’m in love, and I’ve already worn a few of them multiple times. That doesn’t happen often, nope nope nope.

Okay, so Light & Bright Collection doesn’t have just neons. There’s also four fantastic toppers, that will go with any polish, but they fit this collection perfectly. This post is going to be super photo-heavy, so we’ll start with that and then I’ll share the details at the end, kay? Be sure to keep reading for an exclusive discount code, too!

Imagine; a light neon yellow creme. This one, I was a bit worried that it’d be a little too sheer with my VNL, but nope! It went on in two thin coats and settled wonderfully. Honestly, they all did. I’ll just go ahead and say that now. Two coats and top coat and damn, we good. I’d also like to say that the formula on these is totally different from all of the other cremes that I own. They’re almost a crelly, so they’re easier to work with, and much more forgiving when cleaning up. This collection is what’s going to make me fall in love with cremes. I just need Lindsay to make ALL the colors in this formula. YUP.


Inspire; a neon coral creme. Hot damn. This is one of my favorites. It is on my toes as we speak, and the lovely ladies at the dentist were fawning over it last week! Two years ago, I was hating on coral. And here I am, totally blushing over it. This color just SCREAMS summer, and ugh. It’s absolute perfection. Y’all can drool over this one. It’s okay. I won’t judge. Shit, I’ll be joining you guys. The formula on this is awesome. They all are, but look how smooth it is!


Persist; a light neon creme. Another Elle Woods kinda pink. She’d be proud, I just know it. My problem with cremes usually is that they tend to either dry quickly and get wonky on the nail or the formula is just kinda meh and they don’t look smooth, and that’s why I stay away. These don’t have that problem. At. All. They’re… dare I say… juicy? Yup. I’d also like to point out the fact that I got this neon pink ALL OVER MY HANDS. I shake, constantly. I always have. Well, I was sitting at my desk, swatchin’ my little heart out, and somehow my potato hands managed to drop the brush, flinging the drop that was on there EVERYWHERE. The best part? It got on my new t-shirt that the bestie had made for me. I am totally why we cannot have nice things.


Believe; a light neon purple creme. Now, I know that you guys know this was another favorite of mine. It’s the prettiest damn shade of purple, and I’m just so in love with it. I know, I’m a broken record, but the formula? So good! I love that these almost kind of float? Like when you’re putting on top coat over stamping and you float the TC to not smear the design – these go on just like that, on their own. That made no sense, I apologize. But just trust me. You’re going to want.


Dream; a light neon blue creme. Okay, so this one looks a little different up close. But in the coolest way. It’s got almost a dusty formula, like the Pretty & Polished dusty cremes. It’s effin’ delicious, but apparently not showing up in my photos. I feel like I’m just repeating the same stuff over and over for each polish, so we’re just going to let the polish speak for itself. Sky. Blue. Magic. Creme.


Wish; a light neon green creme. I think, aside from loving olive greens, this might be my favorite shade of green. It’s not too blue, or too yellow, and it’s absolutely refreshing. Do y’all associate colors with words, letters, and numbers? Because I do. This is the color for Spring. And also 7. But we don’t need to get into that right now… ANYWHO I’ll be posting the art that I did with this, and the rest of them, this weekend because they just call for art. Lindsay, these are life.


And now for the toppers! I paired them with the neons that I thought they fit with the best, but like I said above, they’re totally interchangeable, and will work with any color.

We’ll start with It’s All Rainbows & Unicorns! This is an iridescent flakie topper in a clear base. It was super difficult to capture on camera (but not in person, trust me), so I matted it and oh my looooord, I’m feeling some type of way about this. SO GOOD. This is one coat over Believe. You’re gonna need a shower after this.


Light Up The Shadows; a clear base with various sizes of matte black and white and opalescent glitters. My dumb ass, for DAYS, thought the glitters were blue, so I paired it with Dream. I mean, it totally looks gorgeous, but I just figured you guys might get a kick out of how potato I am 83% of the time. I didn’t have to fish for the glitters, either! This is just one coat over the blue with top coat. Makes me think of robin eggs. So Easter-y, right?


Moonlight; clear base with silver galaxy holo glitters. OHHH MAN. I put this one on EVERYTHING. No lie. SO PURDY. This is one thin coat over Wish!


Sunshine; clear base with gold galaxy holo glitters. I have no idea, but this makes me think of Cinco de Mayo. Maybe it’s because I paired it with Inspire. But just gold and neon? They’re perfect together.


Holy picture overload, batman! And here we go with a ton of info to follow it. I’m going to go ahead and copy most of what Lindsay sent us because it’s worded way better than what I would have typed out.

“The cremes glow in black light, watermarble, and stamp. These will be available to purchase individually for $7 each, in a set of all 10 polishes for $60, or either just the cremes for $38 or the four toppers for $26.”

The Light & Bright Collection will launch tomorrow, April 14th, at 10pm MST and they’ll be available here.

Oh! And my readers get their very own discount code for 10% off their order. It’s not an affiliate code or anything like that, just a perk for y’all! Be sure to use TGOB10 when you check out!

Don’t forget to check out the Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up facebook group and Night Owl Lacquer’s instagram!

Man. That was a shitton of info. Thanks for sticking with me!

What are y’all hoping to pick up?



***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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