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Y’all up for a little late night bloggin’? It’s been one hell of a day, my dudes. I clocked out this evening, and went to stop by the LAN center that my boyfriend works at, and find that my rear passenger side window has been completely shattered WHILE IN OUR DRIVEWAY. Neat, huh? And it’s not like someone accidentally threw a ball and it hit. No. Somebody deliberately shattered my window. Luckily, nothing was stolen. I mean, not like there’s jackshit in my car to steal, but still. My amazing boyfriend helped me clean out all of the glass, took me for some tacos, and then sealed up my window until we can get it fixed. And when we got home? He made me a kickass drink. He’s a keeper.

So, on another note, I haven’t had a headache in two days since the daith piercing. AND! It didn’t hurt that bad at all! It was just insane pressure in one precise spot, but other than that, it’s been fine. I haven’t even felt it. It’s like the universe decided that since I fixed the headaches (at least so far), that it needed to throw some other BS my way. THANKS UNIVERSE. LOVE YOU TOO.

ANNNNNYWHO. Remember the awesome MTK Design? Well, Mary has made a limited edition quad of dusty grey thermals that are absolutely TO. DIE. FOR. This whole collection was a happy accident (thanks Bob Ross, that’s the phrase we never knew we needed), and they’re all completely awesome. Seriously.They’ll be available for a week, until Easter (the 16th) and you guys are going to want these. I know y’all understand how much I love greys, and these. Oh man. They’re totally some of my favorites from MTK. She totally outdid herself! So let’s get right in, huh?

First up is Patina – she’s a lovely steely grey that shifts to a lighter, cooler grey when warm. It’s got absolutely gorgeous green, blue, and gold glitters and shimmers. Very subtle, but outstanding. This one took three coats for me with my VNL, but her formulas are always top notch. I never have issues with with them applying wonky.


Heirloom; a warm dusty grey/dark taupe when cool that changes to a GORGEOUS nude peach when warm. This one is my perfect nude with my skintone, and the gold glitters and shimmer? YASSS Y’ALL. YAAAAS. This one was a two coater for me, and ugh. I never ever in a million years would have thought that I’d fall in love with nude polishes. BUT HERE WE ARE.


Antique; a cool dusty grey when cold that changes to a lovely baby pink when warm and it has delicate little pink and purple glitters. This is EVERYTHING that I wanted Starrily’s Witching Hour to be (which, ohmygod, that polish was awful). The transition is beautiful, and not muddy at all. I mean, not that any of these are. You know what I mean. These all transition super easily, and it’s like “OOOOH MAGIC” each time I watch it happen. This was also a two-coater for me. Ugh, just so pretty.


Vintage; a dusty grey to light periwinkle with tiny little iridescent glitters as well. YOU GUUUUYS. I found my favorite, I think. Now, the day that I swatched it, I was so warm and the house was hot as hell, so on my nails, it was 100% in the warm state, but at least you can see the cold color in the bottle. I don’t know if any of that made sense. What I do know is that I’m due for another drink. BUT. Nail polish! Vintage is such a classy polish. It reminds me of the dishes my grandma had when I was a child, they had blue and grey ducks on them. Sounds silly now, but brings back good memories! I needed three coats with my VNL, but I feel like most could get away with two.


Aren’t they fabulous? I think they’re perfect for an Easter collection, or even just as an introduction to this year’s spring season. The Easter Greys collection will be available from 4/9 until 4/16, so you’re not going to want to miss them! While you’re visiting her shop, be sure to check out her other creations!

MTK Design Shop

MTK Design facebook page

Do you guys have a favorite? Are you totally loving thermals this year? Let me know!

I’m going to go watch the new Attack on Titan episode and make one more drink before bed. Thanks for stopping by, babes!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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