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Happy Wednesday (well, Thursday by the time y’all read this), loves! I’m back with some bright-ass neons to get us through this glorious humpday. The weather is warming up (help me, I’m melting), the pollen is out in full force, and… and I have no idea where I was going with that. IT WARM and I hate it. I love the longer days, don’t get me wrong, and I totally love not wearing a sweater 24/7, but it’s already 70 and I clearly can’t handle the heat. My roommates are going to kill me if I turn on the AC already. So uh. I guess I’ll just distract myself with pretty things to get me through it.

The ever-lovely Demi over at Baroness X has created a very special set of neons for the Spring, and I absolutely love the reason behind the collection. They are a tribute to her fiance’s late father. “[In addition to] being one of the world’s leaders in radio engineering, he was in a tango band that toured Cuba in the late 1930s. The polishes carry the names of his favorite singers & musicians within the genre.”

The Golden Age of Tango collection will launch this Friday, the 31st at 3pm PST. These neons are deliciously opaque and don’t need undies. They also watermarble. If you’re not me. The awesome blogger behind BruisedUpDollie created a GORGEOUS watermarble with them. Go check it out!

Gardel; orange neon with pink shimmer. This one is so damn juicy. I mean, shiiiiet, they all are BUT look at this. I just want to take a bite right out of it. It’s funny, the day these came in the mail, it snowed here in Narnia. It’s like the universe knew I wanted warm weather. Assholes. Anywho. This one, with my VNL took three coats, but the formula is so damn smooth that I had no issues.


Cupo; red neon with copper shimmer. Holy shit, dudes. This one totally freaked out my camera. The photo that shows my standard pinky out pose actually came out seven sorts of fucky. I don’t get it. This one was hard to capture on camera, but I think it’s pretty spot on for how it looks in person. And that shimmer? Yum. Two coats and top coat here.


Piazzolla; pink neon with purple shimmer. Whoa. You know, I’ve never been huge on neons. But this one totally sold me. I have seen the light, folks. Seriously. I love that it’s a warmer shade. I need this on my toes, STAT. It makes me think of a candy strawberry shade, I’m not sure why. But it does. Weird, brain. Weird. Candy or not, this one was almost fully opaque in one coat on me. I used a second to even it all out, but effffff. So pretty.


Lamarque; magenta neon with indigo shimmer. WOW. Just. Wow. It’s so bright and in your face and magical. I’m pretty sure both Elle Woods and Bruiser would fall in love with it instantly. Two coats for this one, too! That shimmer is to die for. Ugh. Also, you can totally see where my nail broke in the middle of swatching, and I was too stubborn to file them down. I had to have matching lengths! I mean. Surely you can understand, right?


Simone; purple neon with aqua shimmer. HELLO FAVORITE. Psh, I know y’all already saw that coming. It’s just too friggen pretty. The shimmer was super strong in this one, and that makes me super happy. I love purples with blue in them (whether it be shimmer, flakies, or a flame), and this has joined the ranks of my favorite BX polishes. Oh. OH. OHH. This one? O N E C O A T. The shimmer adds to the opacity, I think. Maybe. Does that even make sense? It also helps that this one is a tad bit thicker (but the formula is still oh so smooth, trust.)


While I managed to muck up each watermarble that I tried, I did try a few other styles with these! Also, I was a tad bit nervous about sharing these because the black that I used to stamp TOTALLY stained me. It’s rough. No matter how much I tried to clean it up, my skin just soaked it up. Ugh. But, I still love how both of these turned out!

First up is a gradient using all five colors WITH NO WHITE UNDIE. The plate I used was MoYou London Tropical 08. This plate is PERFECT for all of these!


Next is a stamper smoosh using the full collection! Again, no undie. These are perfectly opaque, but still so juicy(?) that they almost appear to be crellies. I stamped over the top using Lina Nail Art Supplies’ All About Love 01 plate and my trusty Baroness X clear stamper! (also, look at the mat in the background! [!!!INTENSIFIES])


Man. Aren’t these totally kickass? These have me in the mood for all of the bright colors, how about y’all?

Alright. So, we’ve already established that these launch on the 31st, BUT, it may help to know pricing, right? It’s $48 for the full-sized set and $30 for a set of minis. You can get the singles for $10 each. On launch, there will be 20 sets of both full and mini. Once those are sold out, only the full sizes will go into pre-order status.

Do you have a favorite? Or are you totally drooling over all 5 like I am?

Thanks for reading! I’ll (hopefully) see y’all at the launch on Friday!


***The nail polishes in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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