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Hey hey babes! I know, it’s weird. I’m blogging during the day. Like. What even is?! The damn earth snatched an hour from us and now my sleep schedule is even more wonky than before. I didn’t think that was even possible. Oh, and to top that off, it snowed yesterday. Luckily, we’re not getting heavy snow storms like our friends to the North East, but- OH MY GOD IT’S PI DAY! Well, that explains why I’ve seen so many photos of Dean from Supernatural all over Facebook…

Holy mother of squirrel, y’all. I blame day blogging. I feel like a hot mess. Anywho. It’s been a while since I’ve had Baroness X on the blog, hasn’t it? Demi has created a stunning 4 piece collection inspired by names of counter culture publications from the late 60s. If you’re a fan of magical shifty pigments such as Unicorn Pee, you’re going to want to keep reading. Trufax.

So. This collection. Frig. I’ve been so excited to share these with the world. Demi has a way with toppers, as I’m sure you guys know by now, and this Psychedelia Collection just adds to her amazing lineup. These babies will release on Thursday the 16th over at, but we’ll get to that info shortly. Oh, and just so I’m not a broken record and super annoying, these are all shown with one coat over black, with one coat of Seche on top.

Avatar $14; red-orange to green shifting pigment (unicorn pee) and red-orange to green shifting iridescent glitter. I had a hard time getting this one to shift in my photos, so I matted it and oh my god, it’s gorgeous! I love how warm Avatar is, and then when it shifts to green? YASS. Also! This one will look gorgeous over ANY color, not just dark shades.


Oz $12; gold to blue shifting pigment and gold to blue shifting Chromaflair microglitter. Holy shit. Look at the green shift? It amazes me how our beloved indies are able to make polishes that do this kind of stuff. Like seriously. What a time to be alive.

Oracle $14; green to violet shifting pigment and green to purple shifting Chromaflair microglitter. Oh, be still, my heart! That emerald and purple shift is just delicious. Also, lol black nail polish hates me. I swear. No matter how hard I try, I have the hardest time cleaning it up. It’s embarrassing, really.


Realist $12; a brilliant indigo pigment with blue to red shifting Chromaflair microglitter and a sprinkling of red-orange to green shifting iridescent glitter. YOU GUYS. IT’S LIKE AN INKY GALAXY JUST WAITING FOR US TO DIVE IN, NO? Now, I had issues pulling the red shift on camera, but in person, holy shit. It’s there and SO gorgeous!


Unf. Right? Riiiight! You’ll be able to snag these on 3/16 at 6pm PST. It’ll be $48 for the full-sized set or $30 for the minis. There’s 25 sets of both full and minis, and after that, only the full ones will go into pre-order status (sorry folks, minis are only available for the first round).

And now time for a bajillion links. As usual.


Sooooo, what’s on your must-have list? Are you fond of the magical unicorn pee, or are you more of a shifty multi-chromey fan?

Thanks for stopping by!


***The polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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