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Y’all. Brace yourselves. This is going to be a super long post. But before we jump into that, can I just take a moment to whine? 5 nails broke yesterday. My last bra had the underwire come out. My webhost has been undergoing server maintenance off and on for the last 24 hours.  And to top that all off? I’ve slept maybe 3 hours over the last few days thanks to some WICKED heartburn (my prescription had run out and I was too chicken to call for a refill from the doctor. yeah. I’m an adult). I just had the last two days off, and I’m already counting down till Wednesday. Okay. Okay. Whine session over. I’ve got 11 pretties to share with y’all from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, and all of them will be at The Indie Shop tomorrow in Atlanta!

Before I get into the polishes, I want to break down what they’re from – There’s 4 from Julie’s new We Saw the Stars Collection, 3 Indie Shop Exclusives, 1 Encore Siren from February, and 3 older polishes that will also be available this weekend. THERE’S SO MANY. Oh, and over the course of the week that I’ve taken to swatch these, you can totally see my nails as they start breaking and I have to file them down more and more. IT’S LIKE GOING BACKWARDS IN TIME.

First up – We Saw the Stars collection [partial]

When the Nights Grow Cold; a pale mint green with clear holo microglitters and indigo/purple/red shifting shimmers. Hellooooooo spring! This one is such a refreshing color, especially with the purple shiftiness! With my VNL, I needed three coats, but it’s totally a two-coater for sure.


In the Dawning Light; a blue-leaning purple with red/gold/green chromatic shift. Y’ALL. Just bury me with this when I die. I.. I can’t even. It went on in two delicious coats, and I kept it on for a full day because I was so in love with it. That shift? Sweet baby jesus yes please. This is everything right with the world in a bottle of polish.


Starlight in the Gloom; a clear base packed with gold/green/blue shifting microglitters and silver and gold holo microglitters. I almost have no words for this one. It’s magical as all get out, dudes. It’s silver in some lights but then a champagne shade in others. It’s gorgeous by itself and also as a topper. My photos show it alone with three coats and top coat, and then one coat over the In the Dawning Light.


Broke Away From the Atmosphere; a hot pink with a small amount of scattered holographic and packed with cyan/blue/red shifting shimmers. This one was a hot damn mess to photograph. It was unreal. It flipped my camera out and made my pasty ass look hella tan (in person. I just noticed that my photos still make me look pale). I needed only two coats and it was just SO glowy! I totally need to put this on my toes in the near future. 


Second – Indie Shop Atlanta Exclusives 

Elfdan Thrall; a deep mossy green jelly packed with green, orange, blue, red/gold/green, and lime shifting iridescent glitters. Name genesis: Scandinavian fairy tale about fairy rings. This one is so juicy! I didn’t have to fish for glitters and it settled wonderfully in two coats! Those glitters, oh my lord. Also, these exclusives make my nerdy little heart happy. I know y’all already know that.


The Cedar Forest; a dusty cedar with red to gold to green chromatic shift. Name genesis: Gilgamesh. This one almost reminds me of Blue-Blood Brownstone, but without the holo. This one is almost fully opaque in one coat, but I did a second thin one just to be sure. I couldn’t quite get the green to pull, but the gold shift, it’s just lovely. I’m amazed that I love gold in polish, but hate hate hate gold jewelry. So odd.


These Be Rubies, Fairy Favors; a deep red scattered holographic with midnight red flakies.  Name genesis: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. JUST. OH MY LOOOOOORD. This is a perfect blue-toned red and the holo is effing out of this world! It was also super opaque in one coat! I added a second out of habit, and then topped it with Seche Vite, as usual. 


Encore Siren from February 

Siren’s Fever Dream; an orange-leaning firy red jelly packed with gold shimmer, gold flakies, rose-gold flakies, neon pink to blue shifting flakies, gold holo microglitters, and red/gold/green shifting microglitters. The flakies in this one are so incredibly seductive. They add a layer of depth to it, and it’s opaque in two coats, despite the jelly formula. I dig it.


Older BEGLs 

Fire in Your Eyes; a bright pink/red jelly with  blue to pink shifting glass flecks. THE SHIFTINESS OH MY GAWD. It’s bright and so so happy. The blue is just amazeballs. And this one is fully opaque in two coats, too. This is another summery toe color (I mean, in addition to looking fantastic on yer digits) that I plan to use soon.


Flaming Fields; Wine red with blue to gold to green shifting glass flecks. Oh, this one is sophisticated. It’s a perfect wine jelly shade and it’s super opaque. I used two coats because of the flecks, but it settled beautifully. That gold is is absolutely divine. It reminds me of a winter sangria with oranges and cranberries. I realize that doesn’t even translate unless you’re odd like me, but hey. It’s what I think of. Ya feel me? Also, I’d just like to say that this one didn’t stain me AT ALL. The reflection of the polish on my pasty skin made it look like like it had. Some shots had it showing, others didn’t. I don’t get it.


Chlorine Light; a bright blue linear holographic with rainbow micro-flakies with a slight metallic finish. oh. oh. ohhhh. Y’all already knew that I had to save my favorite for last. Sky. Blue. Holo. That. Is. Opaque. In. One. Coat. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. JUST TAKE IT FROM MY HANDS. You’re gonna need a shower after seeing this one. I need one after seeing it again. Adios coherent thinking. It was nice knowing you.


WHEW. We did it you guys! I know that was a metric shit ton of photos of gorgeous polish, but I’m hoping you guys enjoyed it! I’m bummed that I didn’t get to go back home for the weekend and meet all of the amazing makers and bloggers, but having some lacquers from my home state and a fantastic maker makes me feel a lot better. Maybe I’ll be able to go next year if it’s in the South again! If you’re going, I expect tons of photos. Ya heard?

Annnnd now time for ALLLL the links!

Do you have any favorites? Holos? Jellies? Shimmers? Or all of the above?

Thanks for reading loves!

***All of the polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

10 Replies to “Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer | March 2017 Releases

  1. It must be so frustrating to have an Indie Shop right back home and not be able to go! As far as the new releases go, they represent everything amazing about Julie’s polish-making style amplified even more!

  2. Lovely as always! Thanks so much for reviewing these for me! And you’d better get your butt back here for next year’s shop!

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