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YOU GUYS. It’s already Wednesday, holy balls. And do y’all think I’m even remotely close to being caught up for the week? HELL NAW. And what am I doing instead? Procrastinating and running around on my dang Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft. (To be fair, the double jump and glide makes playing a DH WAY too fun.) Yes, Jenalyn. This is how you quickly work through 35 polishes in one week. You do you, potato.

So uh. Let’s get to tonight’s post! I’ve got some lovely Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer polishes to share with y’all, and oh my eff, they’re seriously sexy. Connie has a way with holo and glitter and just… ugh. You gon’ need a shower after this.

First up is Four Oh! which is a birthday-inspired limited edition polish. It seriously has 40 different glitters in it. F O U R T Y. That’s crazy! And in all honesty, it’s not super textured. It took one coat of TC to smooth it out, and my weird ass was happy with it. I seriously love this one, though. It’s happy and vibrant and crazy, but still because it’s got a soft lavender shade to it, it’s not too wild. It’s nearly a one-coater, but I did two just to be safe.



And now for Sexy Bitch; a gorgeous wine-colored linear holo that’s totally opaque in one coat. Connie is awesome at super opaque holos because they’re so saturated with pigment. I’m super happy to report that this one had no staining whatsoever and it’s just so damn beautiful! I love that it’s deeper in color, it gives it an extra layer of sexy to it. And if we’re being honest here, I have no idea what I even meant by that. We’re just going to go with it. I tried. Or something. Anywho. The formula on this one is a bit thicker, but it’s not difficult to work with at all and it levels out really well.


Pretty Bitch; a shimmery bright glowy pink linear holo. This one has an almost metallic feel to it, and I love it something fierce. It’s like a badass barbie color, ya dig? This one needed two coats, but holy wow, you guys. I fell in love with this one instantly. As soon as I topped it with top coat, it was even prettier. UNNNNNNNF. It’s safe to say that this one is my favorite of the three!


Connie was also kind enough to send me a bottle of her new top coat, Showstopper, and it’s awesome! It’s not a super quick dry like Seche, but it locks in your polish and keeps it super glossy! 11/10, do like. It’s what I used for all of my swatches above.

So! I suppose y’all might want details on getting these pretties, huh? They’ll go up for preorder Friday, March 10th at 9am PST (noon EST) until March 18th. They will only be offered individually (as in, no duo or trio) over at

moar links!

Which is your favorite? The more I see the photos of all of them, the more I fall in love, but Pretty Bitch (love the name, btw!) totally has my heart.

As usual, I greatly appreciate y’all stopping by to read my posts! I hope you fine little nerdlings have  a wonderful day!



***The polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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