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Hey y’all! I’m back with post no. 2 for the week to share some STUNNING multichromes with you guys. I’m still working through swatching stuff for posts this week (ahahahahaha HELLO PROCRASTINATION.), but naturally that’s going slowly as life gets in the way. And, well, life means my inability to sleep at night, so power naps between collections have been happening. Bless my poor, sweet boyfriend. He’s put up with my schedule and me sticking my hands in  his face and babbling my scheduled posts at him and he’s handled it like a champ. I may just have to put a ring on that. Just sayin’.

Kristen from Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish is a Southern gal, much like my former self, so she’ll be attending the Indie Shop in Atlanta this weekend with some of her awesome lacquer creations. If you’re going, you’re going to want to stop by and check them out (and hug her for me!) and if you’re not, there’s even going to be a little something up on the website for those that wish they could go!


First up is Faerie Whispers; this is the event exclusive and will be available the day of The Indie Shop at the PCNP table. It’s described as a deep multichrome with bright pink holo glitters and silver holo micro glitters. This one shifts from blue to green to purple and has some flashes of red depending on the lighting! This one is magical, oh my. I used three thin coats and top coat, and it looked different each time I looked at it! One of the nerds that hangs out at the game center where my boyfriend works always asks me about nail polish when he sees me posting stuff, and he’s completely entranced multichromes. I may or may not have sent him a video of it shifting. I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I thought he would. His loss, right?

So! If for whatever reason this one does not sell out in Atlanta on the 11th, Kristen will make it available for purchase by members of the facebook group. (I’ll link it below so y’all can join if you want!)


Halleloo, ain’t it purdy?

The second is Faerie Wishes She* Could Be Here; this is the limited edition polish for the event and will be offered as a preorder online the day of the convention (ONLY). This Faerie is described as a pale, muted multichrome with iridescent chameleon glitters and silver holo micro glitters. It’ll shift from blue to green to purple with hints of red. My photos show two thin coats and my normal top coat, and oh my. The shift was shy on camera, but in person, it’s so vibrant. The blue flame to it is seriously magical.

*Also, if you’d like to have the gender pronoun changed, just leave a note at checkout or you can email your order details and choice to [email protected] I love love love that they’re including this as an option. Makes me love the brand and the face behind it so much more!


My, my! If you guys are digging the multichrome revolution that’s taking over the indie world, you’re going to want to try to snag these. Shit, even if you’re not, they’re both super unique and just plain lovely. Also! If you’re wanting to see some more swatches, you should check out my awesome friend, Jess, over @the_polished_barista. She’s absolutely fantastic at catching shifts and her nails are so cute, I love them so! She’s got her swatches posted there, so go go go!

But, before you do, here’s one last roundup of alllllllll the info!


Thanks for reading, my nerdlings! I’ll be back tomorrow with some holo goodness. See y’all then!



***The polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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