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Happy Monday, my little nerdlings! It’s currently raining something fierce and I’m stayin’ in my pajamas all day, not worrying about a damn thing. Well, other than the busy blog week that starts today. You guys. I know I was quiet last week, but oh my god, I’m about to make up for it. I’ve got 6 posts ready to go for the week, with so many Indie Shop goodies!

So, to kick off this week, let’s start with some sweet, sweet ice cream! Chrissy of Turtle Tootsie Polishes worked with her son to create a collection of 5 standalone polishes and one topper inspired by ice cream flavors. The Ice Cream Makes Everything Better collection will make it’s first appearance at the Indie Shop in Atlanta on March 11th, and will be available online on the 16th when they reopen their shop. I’m so jazzed, you guys. Ice cream, along with mac and cheese, is my favorite food. Boyfriend likes baked goods. Other roomate likes cookies. They can have allllll that. Gimme that ice cream. Naturally, this collection makes me super happy!

Ready? ME TOO!


Strawberry; “a strawberry pink holo with red holo mini glitter.” HELLOOOOO SPRING! I don’t know how Chrissy and her son did it. This collection is pretty damn spot on as far as matching to ice cream flavors! The pink in the polish is absolutely perfect, and it’s such a light and happy color for spring! This one only needed two thin coats and I had no issues with glitters sinking or needing to fish for them. Also, all swatches show one coat of Seche Vite on top!


Vanilla; “a vanilla bean colored scattered holo with black holo glitter.” Y’all. I swear, it’s like I’m looking at a container of french vanilla ice cream. It’s a perfect match, seriously. You’re probably going to hear that a lot throughout this post. They’re all kickass and magically matching their inspiration iced treat! Two coats and I was all set, too! I love that they’re opaque, but thinner cremes, almost jelly-like so they have a smoother consistency. That didn’t make one damn lick of sense. I tried.



Orange Sherbert; “a creamy orange linear holo.” Oh, be still, my heart! I love that this a muted orange, and not neon. Don’t get me wrong, I love my neons, but I’ve gotta dip my toes in some lighter goodness first, ya dig? This baby was pretty much opaque in one coat, but I went a little on the thinner side and used two. Ugh. So gorgeous!


Chocolate; “a chocolatey brown linear holo creme polish.” YOU GUYS. IT’S LIKE A FRIGGEN WENDY’S FROSTY ON MY NAILS. SERIOUSLY!

…I wonder if Mark will drive me to go get one tonight. Aw yiss, do want. But in all seriousness, this polish is one of my favorites from this collection. I find myself loving more and more neutrals, and this one is right on up there as a favorite so far for the year with it’s taupey-chocolately goodness. This one took two thicker coats, but self-leveled and just. Ugh. It’s lovely beyond all reason.


Chocolate Chip Mint; “a mint green holo polish with black shredded glitter and multichrome flakies.” Yep. This one is my favorite. Chocolate chip mint ice cream is one of my favorites, and this polish has captured it perfectly. The holo is unreal, and I find myself wanting to eat those little black shredded glitters. IT LOOKS SO REAL. Also, this one was SUPER opaque, but not too thick! I used two thin coats and I legit sat there drooling over how pretty it looked. This was one that all the nerds in the house had to put up with me talking about for entirely too long.


And last but not least is Sprinkles on Top! It is “a glitter topper that can be built up for full coverage. This is comprised of multiple pastel square glitters and silver micro glitter!” I tried this one a few different ways – first photos are three coats plus top coat (and can I just say that I didn’t have to fish for the glitters?! I didn’t have to sponge on – the brush did the job perfectly!)  and then the last few show it over Vanilla and Chocolate. Perfect, right? This is another happy happy happy creation from Turtle Tootsie Polishes. Seriously. And y’all know I hate glitters. This one, though, is too cute. I’m absolutely in love with it.


My fatassery knows no bounds. I have a mighty need for some ice cream right about now. Ugh. You too, right? Right. I think I have some mango sorbet in the freezer… may just dig into that.

Now that we’ve seen them all, which is your favorite?

And now for the details! These will be at the Indie Shop in Atlanta this Saturday, the 11th. They’ll also go live in their shop late in the evening on the 16th! You can grab them for $50 for the full size, and $30 for the mini size for the collection or individually at $10 for full size full and $6 for minis.

Some links to check:

Holy info, batman! There’s so many goodies that they’ll be taking, so be sure to check them out! Oh, and I need alllllll y’all go to hug all the vendors for me since it’s happening AN HOUR AWAY FROM MY OLD APARTMENT UGH.

Thanks for reading my loves!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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