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Mornin’ y’all! Or evenin’, I suppose. It’s currently 4:23am and I’m winding down for the evening. My boyfriend works 12a-9a this weekend, and I plan on tagging along since he works at a gaming center, so I figured I’d swap my sleep schedule a bit and knock out this post that I’m super excited about! I’m still getting over this nasty mutant cold and NyQuil Severe is kicking my ass, so y’all have been warned. Gibberish may lie ahead.

This is going to be photo heavy, and probably filled with my sassy babble, so please bear with me.  The oh-so-lovely Jill from Glisten & Glow reached out to me a few weeks ago, asking if I’d be interested in swatching her new Spring Collection, based on Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. I may or may not have happy danced all around our house because they’re one of the most awesome (and larger) indies and I absolutely love Jill. I got to meet her at Polish Con thanks to my boo Kaylyna and she’s just a dang doll, so of course I said yes.

Let’s get right in, eh? The Oh The Places You’ll Go Collection is made up of 4 cremes and 2 Shimmah Effects toppers, and I can’t even begin to explain how perfectly they fit with the theme. She seriously nailed the colors, my goodness. She’s also premiering a new matte top coat which I’ve tested out, so you’ll be seeing all of these manis matted because it is the tits. I also did quite a bit of art with these, but because this post will have so many photos, I’m going to post again tomorrow with alllllll of the magnificent art.

98 and 3/4 Percent Guaranteed; a periwinkle creme ($7.50). Eff, dude. This one is one of my favorites. Though, I’d be lying if I said that I only had one fav out of this whole collection. But this one, man. It’s much like the gorgeous Soft Swerve from OPNL – it’s just this muted almost lavender gorgeousness with a hint of grey pulling (on my fair-skinned ass) through and it’s beautifully opaque in two coats. Now, you’ll notice that there’s a smudge on one of my fingers and my edges are a hot mess. Cremes and I fight when it comes to cleaning up. But more imporantly, I. Am. Clumsy. I had to redo this swatch twice because of that, and on the third go, I still managed to hit my hand before everything had dried. So, I just went on with my photos. I was a mess by the time it was all over. Lord help me. And my poor roommates who had to deal with me that night.


And with one coat of the Matte Top Coat:


Your Mountain Is Waiting; a bubblegum pink creme ($7.50). AH! Okay. Okay. If someone sat me down and told me I had to pick a favorite or I’d never be allowed to look at gifs of cute animals, I’d pick this one. It’s damn-near fully opaque in one coat and just. Ugh. With this on the nails, ain’t nobody can be the slightest bit sad. It’s just so happy!


And matted:


Today Is Your Day; a sunshine yellow creme ($7.50). Jill has a knack for happy colors. Seriously. Everything I own from her just makes me so damn giddy. This yellow is no exception to that. It’s almost neon and completely freaked my camera out. I needed 2 thicker coats and the first one went on a tiny bit streaky (I’m going to blame that on me being shaky though), but it leveled out beautifully. Now, I know y’all know by now that my nails are SUPER sensitive to staining. This yellow got me, even with top coat and wearing it only for a little bit. However, I’ve seen other bloggers note that they had no issues with it, so I’m going to again blame it on my nails because EVERYTHING stains me.





Great Balancing Act; a mimosa orange cream ($7.50). YOU GUYS. This one is just so perfect for summer! Another happy color. I need to get some fruity stamping plates because this just screams summer citrus to me. Another two coater, and I’m in love! I also love love love it matte. You’ll see that my photos in different lighting totally transform the polish. Neat, huh? I found that the first photo is the closest to what it looks like in person in normal lighting.




And now for the AWESOME Shimmah Effects toppers! For my photos, I did one coat of each over black both glossy and matte.


Fun to be Done; purple/pink/red shimmer that will change depending on what it’s painted over ($8). I’m always super nervous with shimmers on me because I tend to flood and stain my cuticles with black and then it’s just a huge distraction from the shimmers, but I couldn’t resist trying this multiple times. Seeing it matted, oh my god, it’s so vibrant! It is glossy as well, but the matte just brings out so much more, it’s lovely.


And now matted! (likeholyshitprettyright?!)


Bang Ups and Hang Ups; blue/green shimmer that’ll shift depending on the base polish that you choose ($8). Rainbow FishI could swim in this all dang day. Remember the book? Yeah. This totally makes me think of the cover! There’s so much depth to this topper. I don’t know how Jill did it. I’m amazed, still, weeks later.


Gorgeous mermaid-y mattedness:


That matte top coat is magical. I normally don’t do matte because of my sensory issues, but this one is awesome! It’s made fully in house by the G&G team and takes about 5-7 minutes to fully dry depending on the thickness, so keep in mind that it’s not as quick as their HK Girl top coat. I enjoy this one, because it’s on the thicker side – you only need one coat, and it won’t smudge or go on patchy and because it’s thicker, I feel better about not sealing my mani with a glossy top coat. It feels like an actual barrier, and that’s awesome.


Wow. That was a lot, huh? I think this might be my longest post in my two years on here (which, today was the two year anniversary of my first post!).

Well, I’ve still got some more info for y’all, so hang on tight!

There’s a few options for purchasing these, depending on what you’d like.

  • You can get the full set of 4 cremes for $28, or $7.50 each.
  • The Shimmah Effects toppers can be purchased for $14 as a set, or $8 each.
  • The matte top coat by itself is $6.99 and will be a part of the core essentials line.
  • Best deal for purchasing will be $45 for all 4 cremes, both Shimmahs, and the matte TC.

The matte TC is available now here and the rest of the polishes will be live here. They’ll go live tonight, February 24th at 9pm EST and oh my goodness, you’re going to want these. They’re the perfect way to jump into spring and liven up any manicure.

What’s your favorite, my little nerdlings? Are y’all planning on picking anything up? Thanks for reading! <3 My babbly butt is off to bed, so I hope you fine folks have a lovely day and a happy Friday!


***All products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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