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I missed you nerds. Somethin’ fierce. I took a week off because I’ve been so dang tired, but I had no idea what was coming. My whole. friggen. house. is. sick. My boyfriend? He’s effin’ patient zero over here. Hobie, boyfriend’s bro, and I, are all sick as all get out. Boyfriend? HE’S JUST MOSTLY FINE NOW.  Naturally it hits when I’m in the middle of a 6 day work stretch and a huge swatchathon. One more shift and then my ass is staying in bed until I clock in next. Shoooooot, if I even make it that long. If I die between now and then, you fine folks can divvy up my polish hoard between the lot of ya. Sound good? Yup.



Hokay. Dave, the octo-mastermind behind the kickass OPNL brand, has created some oh-so-lovely shades perfect for the warmer temps we’ve been seeing! Two of these will be up for preorder at the end of this week, and the third is a special custom just for the Octosquad folks (and will not be available for public purchase).

Sooo let’s get right in!


Maui Howie; a delicious hibiscus jelly polish with linear holo with orange iridescent glitters and rose gold flakies. You guys. YOU GUYS. Holy hell. I never ever thought I’d like corals. Shit, two years ago, I ran far far away from them. Now? Now I want them all. This one went on in three super smooth coats and had the tiniest bit of texture, so I topped it with Seche Vite to smooth it out. In all honesty, if you don’t have super dark VNL like me, you could totally get away with two coats. GOOD STUFF.


Soft Swerve; a “periwinkle linear holo with violet flakies and purple iridescent glitter.” What. A. Stunner! I wasn’t sure how this would look on me since I’m super fair, but I absolutely love it. It pulls the tiniest bit grey on me, and it’s incredibly pretty. And the holo? UNF Y’ALL. UNF. It was damn near opaque in one coat, but I did two just to be safe.


These two babes go up for preorder from 2.24.17 – 2.26.17 on and I promise you’re gonna want them.


And now. Now for one of my favorite polishes of the year. I know. It’s early as hell. I’m calling it anyhow. Besides. It’s punny. It’s just winning all around.

This is Octopus Prime, the custom made just for the folks over in the Octosquad facebook group. Dave describes it as a “steely turquoise jelly holo with blue-green flakies and green-orange and green-gold glitters”. He was worried it’d be a bit too sheer on it’s own at three coats (since it’s an intentionally sheer polish) and mentioned that it may be worth trying a similar-colored base to amplify the color. I, however, managed to get full opacity in 3. I have no idea how. It went on super sheer with the first coat and then built up beautifully, but I was damn sure my VNL would come back to haunt me. Pleasantly surprised, though!


AIN’T GORGEOUS? Whoa. I’ve been outta control with the caps tonight. I’m blaming the NyQuil. Or the lack of sleep. Probably a combination of the two. Whatevs. Hopefully it’s at least mildly entertaining.

Okay, okay. Now I’m going to retreat to bed cave and hope that I somehow manage to feel better by my shift tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, loves!




***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were purchased with a blogger discount for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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