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Hi again! I’m back with some more awesome nerdery because why not? I finally have my day off tomorrow so I plan on parking my butt and relaxing to play some World of Warcraft while being wrapped up in approximately 8 layers of clothing because I can’t seem to regulate my body temp with this stupid cold. ANYWHO. NERDY NAIL POLISH, Y’ALL! EEEEEEE!

I’ll admit that since the launch of Legion, I haven’t been playing my mage as often as I was before, but I still thoroughly enjoy blowing things up with Living Bomb (if y’all play Wow, you know exactly what this is and how friggen kick ass it is!) and I managed to finally get my fire artifact hidden weapon skin and I’m SO in love with it! Since I nabbed that, I figured it’d be the perfect time to show y’all the gorgeous polish that Cal over at Dragonsworn Cosmetics made for me to swatch, based on Mages in the World of Warcraft universe!


So let’s jump on in! This swatch is from a while back, but I think I mentioned before that I was going to break these up because I wanted to showcase the classes one by one. My mage was my first love, allllllll the way back in Vanilla, and I’ve always enjoyed the class. A ranged caster based on elements? (Not to be confused with a Shaman!) Yes please! I primarily played Frost, and that’s what this color is based on. There was a spell called Frostfire Bolt, and it was absolutely beautiful – blue and red flames soaring toward the boss. I loved it. Naturally, it was removed in the latest expansion. Cal, however, still nailed it perfectly!


Mage; “inspired by the mages of World of Warcraft, and is class-colored light blue with dark blue and red frostfire bolt glitter.” I used two thin coats and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it looks on my longer nails! The light blue is stunning and the formula went on super smooth and settled out with the glitters when I used a thin coat of top coat. The little glitters are perfect and definitely add depth to the polish.



Ugh, isn’t it lovely? I feel like it’s perfect for any blue lover, whether or not they game. The shimmer is friggen phenomenal, I tell ya! I need to break it back out and art with it, don’t y’all think?


YEAH! Thanks for reading babes! I hope you have a lovely day!


***The polish in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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