Evening loves! I’m currently up watching a new-to-me anime and pretending I don’t work tomorrow, so why not try to be a little productive, if I can? This is going to be super quick since we’re focusing on the art and it’s late, but I’m super excited with how these turned out!

I’ve fought with vinyls so much that I’ve got a whole pile of them saved. I’ve had them for probably about a year now. My issue is that because I use a peel-off pace coat, I always tend to rip off the base polish, so I give up. Sure, I’ve got a nail art mat that I could use to make a decal but 1) that requires WAY too much effort and 2) the cleanup SUCKS.

Usually the night before my day off, I try to do my nails a little differently so they’re done when I go hang out at work with the boyfriend. In stead of my normal POBC, I use an actual base so it lasts through the day – when I do it like this, I can use vinyls and not worry about ripping up the lacquer. I want to try this more, because I have so many different designs I want to try. Eventually. Maybe.

So uh. I bought an actual shit ton of the Painted Polish stamping cremes because I went overboard with stamping plates, but I realized that they’re the perfect colors for some Valentine’s Day art and they’re super easy to work with.



My base is Mulled Wine by Moonlight and the hearts were done with Stamped in Pink 2.0 and Stick It! vinyls. I don’t have a link or a name for the vinyls, I’m sorry – it looks like the shop is offline BUT. They still work either way!


It should also be noted that I sponged the pink on instead of brushing it on because I’m really really really way too good at pooling polish. I am not a dainty person. Not one bit.


Cute, huh? I’m sad that we’re so close to Valentine’s Day. I haven’t done ANY sort of art (other than this)… ugh. I need to step my game up!


Anywho, back to anime before bed. Thanks for reading, y’all!

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