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Hey y’all, I’m sorry for being so quiet the last few days. Work has been absolutely hellacious and I’ve been fighting the urge to just curl up under my desk and hide for the rest of forever. I’ve been trying to paint my nails to try and uh… paint the anxiety away? But it’s not working. I’m very much so looking forward to my two days off this week, one of which is my wonderful boyfriend’s birthday. Very, very excited. But, that’s not what y’all came to hear, is it?


I’ve had the chance to work with an indie stamping brand and I’m so so very excited to share what I’ve created with the lovely It Girl Nail Art‘s new plates. Stamping is something that’s relatively new to me, and I’m still learning new things each day, but I thoroughly enjoy it. There’s definitely a learning curve as some of the images have fine lines, but I’m beyond in love with the nail art that these create. Unf.



Sometime between my move from Georgia to one house here in Indiana to the current house, I managed to lose my normal creative shop stamper, so for all of these manis, I used my kickass Baroness X Clear Magnifying Stamper. I’ve been told that for fine lines, firm stampers are a bit easier, but I made do with what I had for the time being. I’m going to purchase a new firm stamper and test again, but I’m still loving my BX stamper something fierce.

I did quite a few manis, so uh. Let’s get into it! I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail on the polishes (other than what they are), but uh. Yeah! Y’all are going to have to forgive me. I didn’t even think to take photos before I started using them, I was too excited. So you’ll see a few streaks from where I cleaned them, but they’re still awesome!

First up, I tested out the IG202 Nail Art Plate. Experience Needed: MODERATE. I love love love all of the images on this plate – they’re gorgeous and I love the geometric look.


Once I get a firm stamper, I plan to try some of the smaller images since those were the ones I had the most issues with. That being said, my issues were completely on me and my inexperience. I’ve seen some fantastic bloggers have no issues, so please don’t think that this plate isn’t anything shy of awesome, kay? Kay.

First up is a little stamping with the center image over The Monsters are Due on Maple Street by Candy Lacquer.


Next up is Seester Love from Great Lakes Lacquer – I used Painted Polish Midnight Mischief and Deux 2.0 to stamp over top. The designs don’t match by any means, but I love them as accents!


Posh Paints LacquerAnd here’s the top right image stamped over ‘s Majestic LE


Okay, this one is a little weird. Summery as all get out, but so so fun (and messy)! I smooshed OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow and Pen & Pink together over the top of the center image stamped over white. I have no idea if that made sense. But. It purdy, right?


And last but not least is this little accent nail over the top of the very first Night Owl Lacquer FB Group custom (y’all will see more about it in the next few days!).


Overall, I really really like this plate, and there’s so many different things that can be done with it. So excited to get a firm stamper and try more. Speaking of, if you guys have any suggestions, I’m all ears. I want to try allllllll the things!

Next up is the IG305 Mini plate – it’s described as a beginner plate and I definitely agree. You have to work a little quickly to make sure that the polish doesn’t dry in the plate before you pick it up, but the images pick up super easily. This plate will be amazing for decals, that’s for sure.


That’s what I did with this mani! I used some of Painted Polish’s stamping cremes over the top of Walking Distance by Candy Lacquer. Simple, fresh, summery. I love the delicate look of this plate, y’all. So much.


I know that this post is all over the place and a complete mess, but hopefully y’all still enjoyed some light reading on this lazy Sunday afternoon! Can you guys see yourselves picking up any of these plates to try out some art of your own? I definitely recommend them both, along with the other plates that Nicole offers!


I hope you guys have a lovely weekend, thanks for reading!



***The nail art stamping plates mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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