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Ohay loves! I’m back with a lovely pink polish that’s perfect for the month of February, and a great way to end my day off for the week. I’m sitting here, trying to figure out if I want cocoa crispies or cookies and cream ice cream for dinner (adulting. I do it well.) and listening to the same Ed Sheeran song on repeat, wishing I hadn’t picked up extra hours tomorrow. I keep telling myself it’s for the greater good of my Polish Con budget, but it’s not helping. AYY and we’re getting Jimmy Johns. Aw yiss, y’all. Aw yiss.

Okay, okay, I’ve squirreled enough. Time to get to the pretties from Nail Hoot!


Brandie, the lovely maker behind Nail Hoot, reached out to me last week about swatching their Valentine’s Day special polish, Owl Be Yours. It’s pink. It’s gorgeous. It’s perfect, you guys. She also added in some Talon Juice (aka cuticle oil) for me to test out and I’m totally loving it.


Owl Be Yours; “a beautiful pink polish with a sprinkle of iridescent glitter, a pinch of holo goodness, and a slight blue-purple flash.” My goodness, it’s pretty. I love all things pink when it comes to polish, but this has to be one of the prettiest ones that I own. The blue-purple flash gives it so much depth and it’s perfectly opaque in two coats. I topped it with Seche to bring out some extra shine, but this polish is awesome as-is. I love how delicate this looks – it’d be lovely for date night!


I also stamped over it because it just CALLED for it. You know the Valentine’s Day boxers that you see everywhere? These totally make me think of those! To stamp, I used my Baroneses X Clear Magnifying stamper, Painted Polish Mulled Wine by Moonlight, and Bundle Monster’s BM-XL201 blogger collab plate. I’m straight up obsessed with how these came out. No lie.


And now for the Talon Juice! Brandie sent one that she thought I’d like after asking me what scents I didn’t like, and she friggen nailed it. The scent is light, but delightful. I love tropical scents, but sometimes they can be overpowering. That isn’t the case here at all. It lingers, but ever so lightly, and the oil itself feels heavenly on my skin. It absorbed super quickly and didn’t leave any sort of greasy feeling. I definitely need to grab a few more of these!

Jamaica Me Crazy

“This fragrance is tropical paradise in a bottle!  Jamaica Me Crazy begins with top notes of mandarin, Mexican lime, tangerine, and kumquat;  middle and base notes of watermelon, tart green apples, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.”


Owl Be Yours is available now here for $7 for a full-sized (15mL) polish. You’re gonna want to snag this. I promise. You can also pick up some Talon Juice in the awesome clicky brush pens (and other styles with different prices per style) for $3.99.


Wow, that was a lot wordier than I originally planned for. OOPS. Hopefully the ample amount of photos helped to break up my babbling. Hopefully.

But uh. I’m going to go find some ice cream (now that I ate proper food for dinner like a good girl) and I’m going to try some more stamping. Thanks for reading, y’all!

***The items above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which both can be found in this post.***

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  1. I am not a huge fan of pink polish but that one is really pretty with the blue-purple flash!!

    I really want ice cream now.

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