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Hey babes! Long time no see, eh? My perpetual state of exhaustion has only increased, even with having days off. I need a vacation, I swear. But, I’ve had quite a bit of time to try out some gorgeous new polishes and stamping plates (wait till y’all see those, my goodness!), so there’s that! I also had the chance to dye my hair for the first time since August, I feel fierce, you guys. SO FIERCE. Also, my damn nails broke through my gloves and now my nails are stained to hell and back, a week later. It’s awful. I’ve tried three mani bombs, toothpaste, baking soda, scrubby brush… everything, all to no avail. So uh. If you guys have any tips on getting dark hair dye out of nails, I’m alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ears.

Anywho! This collection that I’m about to share, is so friggen unique and fantastical and unf. I’m finding myself drooling each time I either catch my nails in the light or I’m going through my photos to edit. Frrrrrrrrig!

Sandra from Candy Lacquer reached out to me last week, asking if I’d be game to swatch her latest collection, inspired by the Twilight Zone. Naturally, I had to say yes! I’d seen her all over Instagram just a little while back and absolutely fell in love with her Legend of Zelda stuff. Y’all already know my nerdy ass needs to get my hands on all of those.

This collection is made up of 7 lacquers – they’re all multichrome holos, and the formula for each is pretty similar. Just so it doesn’t get annoying I’m going to go ahead and say that for each swatch I used three coats (thanks to my nails being stained and VNL) and then topped them with Seche. I had no issues whatsoever with any of them, and they self-leveled beautifully. I’ll pretty much be describing them in the colors I found in addition to the colors that Sandra noted with the pigments. Make sense? Lawd, I hope so.

So uh. Let’s see how this goes. Or something.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street; copper, orange and gold. I personally also see a warm taupe, almost. Frig, you guys. Each time I see this one, I fall more in love. I think it’s my favorite. Or one of my top three.


Living Doll; fuchsia, copper and green. This one is another favorite. It almost appears to have a grey base with the fuchsia showing through, and it just makes my heart go pitter-patter.


It’s A Good Life; gold and pale green. She also went to town with extra holographic pigments on this one. EFFFFF. It’s springy and happy and makes my holo-loving heart go absolutely crazy.


Walking Distance; green and gunmetal. For some reason, each time I see this one, I think of mint. Like. Minty freshness. Like… like… SPEARMINT. THAT’S IT. Yes, good. Brain, I worry about you sometimes.


Twenty-Two; green, teal, violet and red. I’m honestly so displeased with my photos of this one. For some reason, the shift completely threw off my camera, and made all 58 photos that I took look out of focus. Like. Wtf. It’s still gorgeous, though. That blue-ish teal is to die for, my goodness. Also, my photos picked up a little gold. Unf.


Nightmare At 20,000 Feet; cobalt, indigo, purple and bronze. Okay, this is another favorite. That purple just wins me over every. friggen. time. I mean, just look at it! The bronze looks totally kickass with it, too.


The Eye Of The Beholder; turquoise, navy, purple and magenta. This one pulled more turquoise for me than anything, but that doesn’t make me love it any less! It’s like the waves of the ocean, crashing endlessly and reflecting the sunlight.


I also did a side by side with the three darker shades – in normal lighting, looking at them head-on in the bottle, they almost look the same, so I wanted to see them on the nails in different lighting. Seeing them like this, yum. They’re so deliciously inky and mysterious, y’all. From left to right: Twenty-Two, Eye of the Beholder, and Nightmare at 20,000 feet.


Hot damn. Aren’t these amazing?! They’ll be launching tomorrow, February 1st over at and they’ll be $10.50 each. While you’re there, I definitely recommend checking out her other polishes. They’re stunning, trufax.


I know that my photos didn’t do these a damn bit of justice, but if you had to choose, which would be your favorite?

Thanks for reading loves!



***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for photos and an honest review, which can both be found in this post.***


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  1. Gorgeous swatches and collection. I’ve been liking what I’ve seen from this maker. If I had to chose, it would be Minsters are due and Living Doll.

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