Happy Thursday, my little nerdlings! Since I’m on a no buy from now until Polish Con at the end of April, I figured I’d work through my collection of untrieds that has grown out of control since I started swatching last fall. Send help. Please. And coffee. And pizza.

Or maybe just a few hundred Whipped Strawberry Rockstar energy drinks. They’re the tits. Seriously.

I bought this gorgeous blue ILNP a few weeks back. It’d been on my wishlist for quite some time because it shares its name with the song that inspired one of my tattoos, so when a code for 25% off was emailed out to me, I had to snag it.

Also, while we’re here, I just want to say how friggen stellar their customer service team is. When I checked out, I’d changed my address on their website and within paypal, but for some reason, it defaulted to my Georgia address. I didn’t realize it until the next morning, and sent an email. By the time they were able to see it, it was already almost at my old apartment. And you know what they did? They sent a whole new package to my new address! I had explained that I was more than happy to just pay for another one, but they declined and told me not to worry about it. I love indies. So much. It was such a lovely gesture on their side, especially considering it was my fault. I appreciate it beyond words.

Anywho. This tattoo. It’s one of my favorites of the few that I have. I had it done just after a very dark time, and it represents my ability to overcome my mental illness. Float On by Modest Mouse means the world to me. “We’ll all float on okay.” I’ll be okay no matter what my brain throws at me, y’know?


While I know that this polish isn’t directly related to the song, I needed it anyhow. It’s pretty and it’s such a happy color!

So, here is ILNP’s Float On, a gorgeous and vivid aquamarine ultra holo. It went on in two thin coats and oh my goodness. I want to wear it alllllll the time!

Isn’t it just the happiest color ever? I know Elle Woods is all about pink, but I think that this blue would be right up there with exercise and endorphins making people too happy to kill their husbands.


I swear, my photos don’t do this polish any sort of justice. I know I’ll be wearing this a ton this summer! Is this a color that y’all can see yourselves wearing often?


And with that, I’m out for the evening! I’ve got chicken and stuffing in the slow cooker and a bubble bath is calling my name. I hope you fine folks have a wonderful night! Thanks for reading!






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