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Annnd I’m back! We’ve got some nasty winter weather coming in, and I have a feeling we’re about to lose internet again, so I wanted to get this post up before alllllllllll hell breaks loose.

Demetria from Baroness X is back at it with her sass and polish-creation witchcraft to bring us a kickass little set that releases tomorrow. And the theme? Oh my god, it’s magical. She drew inspiration from this last season of South Park. And, well, she knocked it out of their park, and ours.

The set will be $16USD + shipping and will include one full-sized polish, a sample size balm, and a sample size of baubles (1 large, 1 small) all in a Blueberry Cobbler scent. There’s only 50 sets, so you’re going to want to have some quick ninja fingers come 8am PST tomorrow!

The polish that Demi created is called Yea, I Memba, and it’s an effing pretty purple linear holo!  Y’all remember Penumbra from the Lost Coast collection? Well, it’s like the grapey-purpley version of it. Penumbra is more of a denim shade, and this is almost a berry purple. Naturally, my camera picked it up more as more of an indigo color, but IT PURPLE.

I also freehanded a little art to go with it because Member Berries, y’all. Member Berries.


Okay, okay. Time for the polish!

My photos here with flash show it a bit closer to what it’s like in person, you can see the purple coming through. Isn’t it gorgeous?


It was damn near a one-coater, but I added a second thin one just to be safe. It’s super pigmented, so the opacity on it is stellar! Also, the formula is awesome. It’s not too thick (as some super-pigmented polishes can be), and is self-leveling. You need this. Even if you’re not a South Park fan, this polish is incredibly beautiful.

I do not have the extras to share at this time, but I’ve heard from several little birdies that her blueberry scent is to die for. I’ll update y’all when I get to try them out! Demi’s balls baubles are wonderful for exfoliation and smooth skin. And they smell amazing.

Remember the arts I said I did? YEAH. I’M PROUD! My boyfriend’s brother shared it with all of his friends that watch South Park (they’re all a little more into it than me), and they were all so excited. I DID GUD.

I used some brushes from Nail Nation 3000 along with Stamped in Wine and Deux 2.0 from Painted Polish and Snow Me White from Sinful Colors to paint this goober-lookin’ member berry.


Once he dried on my mat, I put a clear coat on my nail and added him on! He smeared a little when I did my top coat, but I know the Member Berries get a little roughed up, so we’ll just roll with it. Right? Right.


NEATO, huh? I can’t wait to art more this year. I feel more comfortable with it, and I want to see what I can create. Maybe more freehand! M A Y B E.

But yeah! So, just remember to stalk tomorrow around 8a PST (11a EST) to grab this wonderfully sassy and delightful set. While you’re there, you should check out her unicorn cleanup brush. I’ll have an actual review up on it soon, but just know that you need it. It’s damn near indestructible. SO GOOD.

Anywho! Time for more links because you know you wanna join in on the BX goodness.

I think that’s it. I’m probably forgetting something. Maybe. I’m frazzled as all get out lately. BUT. PRETTY NAIL POLISH, YO.

Thanks for reading, babes!


***The nail polish above was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found in this post.***




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