Frig. It’s almost Friday. Have I done annnnnnything productive this week? Hell no. We’ve had no internet for the last three days (wtf, Time Warner. Y’all suck), and our entire house has been sick. On the plus side, I got my ticket to NYC Polish Con thanks to my amazing boyfriend! Are any of y’all going? It’s going to be amazing!

Other than that, though, life has been pretty dull. Luckily, Lindsay from Night Owl Lacquer sent me some new polishes to swatch and share with the world. Ready to see them? They even inspired me to try out some art, and y’all know that doesn’t happen often. I’m excited!


First up is Frozen In Time; “a silvery blue polish with bright blue flakies.” My my. This one is lovely. I’m not usually one for frosty polishes, but this one screams winter (hell, all three do, but you know what I mean). Because Lindsay wanted it to have a frosty finish, she went with an almost jelly formula and it came out perfectly! Because of my dark VNL, I needed four coats, but each coat dried quickly and I had no issues with pooling. If you have a lighter VNL or shorter nails, you can totally get away with three coats, so please don’t let my personal need for 4 scare you off.

Winter Wonderland; “a white crelly base with bright blue shimmer and bright blue micro glitter & shreds.” I legit let out an “oh my god” as soon as I top coated this and gave it a proper look. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It took three coats, but the formula was awesome here, too! The shimmer, frig. Wait till y’all see it. I had to try some weird photos to get it to show, but it’s this mesmerizing blue flame and it’s delicious. Unf. It makes me think of freshly fallen snow on an overcast afternoon. The flakes are incredible, unnnnnnnf.

Midnight Snowfall; “a blackened blue jelly base with scattered holo and silver white shifting flakies.” Y’all know the formula for the Zoya holos? This is almost exactly the same! (and I mean that in the best way possible, those are some of my favorite mainstream polishes like. ever) I only needed two coats, and the scattered holo is incredible. It’s like an inky galaxy, just waiting for you to go swimming in it. The shift to teal is quite lovely, too. Just wait. It may be my favorite of the three.

I swear, Lindsay has a way of capturing seasons in polish form. She’s got such a talent for this stuff, seriously. NOL, as I’ve said many times before, is going to go so incredibly far in the nail lacquer. I can’t wait to watch it happen. Lindsay is such a wonderful human and a great friend, and I’m proud of what she’s done so far.


Check out that broken corner on my middle fingernail. NEAT. I don’t even know how I accomplished that. Whatever. Thanks, body. Thanks.

First up, I tried out a smooshy mani! It reminds me of the sky when there’s just fluffy clouds everywhere. Ugh. This would also be neat for a galaxy mani, if I could ever manage to not make one completely awful. One day. But seriously. Look at that shimmer!

I wanted to find something to add to it, so I did a little stamping! I used the MM05 plate from Messy Mansion and used Painted Polish Deux 2.0 to stamp

And then! I just HAD to stamp snowflakes over Winter Wonderland. It just screams snowflakes. Seriously. I used Deux 2.0 again to stamp and my Bundle Monster BM-S218 plate. So cute!

I’m so dang proud, you guys! I DID THE THING. TWICE. AND I DIDN’T CRY. I feel like I’ve earned a fancy LUSH bubble bath. I think that’s what I’ll do. Nyquil, bubble batch, freshly-washed pajamas. Unf. Treat. Yo. Self. Right? Right.

But, before I leave, I’ve got some more info that you might wanna know!

This trio launches tomorrow, 1/13/17, at 10pm MST over at You can get the Winter Blues Trio for $25, or $9 per individual polish. Not too bad, huh? Also, there’s an exclusive discount code for the Night Owl facebook group! You can check it out here, and join if you wanna!

Out of the three, which do you like best? Or are you like me, and cannot choose? They’re just so wintery and pretty! EEEEE!

But but but. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see these gorgeous blues on your pretty nails soon!

***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos.***

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