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Happy New Year, loves! I hope y’all had a wonderful evening and 2017 is treating you well so far. I just drew the winner for my giveaway, so be sure to check your emails (especially the spam folder!) to see if I sent you an email letting you know that you’ve won!

I wanted to start the year with one of my favorite indies, MTK Design! Mary sent me these a while back (as you can tell by my long nails in the photos, hah), but I was saving them to share at the right time. A new year is as good a time as any, right? RIGHT!



First up is Cedar Rose – a delicious dusty terra cotta shade that is P E R F E C T for wearing anytime, especially in an office setting where you might need something a bit on the neutral side. Not to say that this is even remotely close to boring, not by any means. There’s some delicate shimmer running throughout it, and what looks like almost dainty gold glitter. EFF, I LOVE IT SO. I put it on, and I fell in love instantly. I only needed two thin coats and top coat and I was good to go.

Now, just to be up front, there’s a pigment in this polish that has the tendency to stain. My love over at MTK Design is working on trying to find an alternative before it goes live. Now, as we’ve seen before, my nails take to staining super easily, so this could be another one-off kinda thing with just me. Even then, it came off with the use of a mani scrub and my nails were good as new. I still find myself reaching for it time and time again.


And now for my favorite of the two, Cinders of Pompeii! “A thermal that shifts from a dusty version, similar to the popular Pantone color this fall to the mystical red of Pompeii. With holographic glitter adding a spectacular degree of sparkle.

Mary seriously nailed the Pantone color for fall, you guys. It’s seductive and classy and that thermal shift is just drool-worthy. That, and the holo just gives it so much more life. Because of my VNL, I needed three coats, but it went on so smoothly and was self-leveling. I love the color of the cool state so incredibly much. Shit. I love the warm state, too. TOO GOOD.

Also, I miss my long nails. Like. LOOK HOW FRIGGEN NEATO THEY LOOK WITH THE THERMAL GOODNESS THAT IS CoP! SOON. Time to start chewing allll the biotin gummies. (totally kidding, I know that’s not safe, but you know they’re totally yummy. don’t lie to yourself.)

Annnnd now back to the polish. I squirreled. My bad. I’m gonna insert what MTK herself added into the listing because she went all out and I learned a bit from it myself!

“There are frescoes; wall murals; in Pompeii where a most striking red is very prevalent. A red rarely found anywhere else. It was so attractive it became very popular in Europe and around the world and became known as “Pompeii Red”. For awhile it was unknown how they even created the color. Now, with new science there is question whether the color even existed before the events of their demise in 79 b.c.; In fact, it’s now thought the heat from that one event effected the chemical composition of the paint causing it to change from a orange-gold to a indescribable red.

Pompeii red is kind of a rich wine, rusty brick, deep oxblood. If you could combine those very distinctive red types you would have Pompeii Red.”

Cool, huh?!



These two are lovely, huh? Each time I try a new MTK Design polish, I’m blown away. Mary has a way with creating beautiful colors with unique finishes, and her thermals and solor polishes are to die for. If you’re on the hunt for new indies to try in 2017, this is definitely one I’d recommend. 100000009%.

Which is your favorite?


Thanks for reading dolls! Hope you’re all having a lovely week!


The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.

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    1. I do! When swatching, I use two coats of Dainty Digits’ peel off base coat, one coat of yellow stopper, and then the polish. The staining happened so quickly that I’m inclined to believe that it’s my nails since I had issues with the TTP a few weeks ago, too.

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