Pretty & Polished has totally done it again, you guys! This collection, oh my goodness, I love it so. I’ve been impatiently waiting to share these with y’all, and now that it launches tomorrow (1/1), I’m safe to share my photos!

Chelsea reached out to me one morning, while I was at the dentist, asking if I liked video games, and I nearly freaked in the chair. Aside from working and painting my nails, I mostly game. We’re a nerdy household with far too many consoles and computers and it’s wonderful. Gaming is what I grew up on. It’s helped me through some dark times and also kept me sane for many years. It means so much more to me than I can put into words. So… this collection? It has to be a favorite of mine. It represents two things that mean the absolute world to me, and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Our Plumber is in Another Castle; “based off of the 1985 Hit Classic Super Mario Brothers. It has a slightly off white base and is packed with blue and red glitters.” My first memory of Mario comes from Super Mario World – I remember playing with my parents on their Super Nintendo and failing horribly because 4 year old me couldn’t handle running and jumping at the same time. When Mark bought me the 3DS a few weeks ago, we grabbed one that has the game pre-installed because sweet, sweet nostalgia. I still can’t run and jump, though. I’m a potato.

This crelly, y’all, is so damn fun! The base is super opaque and the glitters definitely make me think of Super Mario. It went on in two thin coats and settled easily. Even without my usual top coat, it wasn’t textured, and that makes me one happy camper. I love this polish something serious!


Yoshi Flys Me Away; “based off of the loved character and Mario’s best bud, Yoshi. We added this to our collection based off of customer feedback. Yoshi is very loved! This polish has a light neon green base and has neon green and dark green glitters.” For someone that isn’t fond of greens or crellies, I’m obsessed with this one. It’s so fresh and vibrant and the glitters, oh. my. gawd. YOU GUYS. I think Chelsea may have murdered Yoshi and actually bottled him up. Bless his little heart. This one is a two-coater, too.


Samus it Ever Was; “based off of the game Metroid, that had one of the very first kick ass female lead characters! This polish has a bright red Jelly base and is packed with Golds and Color Shifting Flakes.” I was seriously excited for this one. Mark and his brother play Super Smash Bros. competitively, and Mark LOVES playing Zero Suit Samus. I never played any of the Metroid games, but Samus is a badass character in every game. It’s only fitting that Chelsea made her polish counterpart a fabulous red with enough flakies to cut a bitch. Awesome, no?

I needed three coats, but the formula was flawless. It settled out and also was not textured. It’s fierce as hell, I thoroughly enjoy it!


Who’s That Mysterious Stranger; “based off of the hit Fallout game series and matches the colors of the popular Vault Boy character. This polish has a light blue creamy base and is filled with yellow and Blue glitter.” EEEEE! Okay. So. I haven’t played this game in ages, but I have a very dear friend who absolutely loves the series. In fact, Ashley even has an amazing tattoo of Hancock from Fallout 4. Fun fact. Had I not met her however many years ago on a forum, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend and have a house with him now. SMALL WORLD.

The color of this polish is absolutely incredible. It’s this flashy and vibrant blue and I could swim in it for the rest in my life. The glitters are just lovely, too! It only needed two coats and went on super smoothly. FRIGGEN GORGEOUS.


Dragonborn to be Wild; “based on the game Skyrim and is named after the main character. This polish is  dark grey to light grey color changing polish and is packed with tiny micro glitters in different shades.” SKYRIM. S K Y R I M. EEEEEEEEEEE! I friggen love the Elder Scrolls series. One of the roommates spent a good 6 hours researching and setting up mods for his PC version. Makes me want to reinstall and play again. SOON!

Dragonborn to be Wild is a gorgeous two-coat grey thermal and it’s something magical. The first time I wore it, I couldn’t get it to transition, but not because it was a dud. It was the weekend our heat went out and it dropped to 30 degrees in our house. I couldn’t warm up enough to get it to change, so I reswatched it a few days ago now that my nails are longer. It changed so damn quickly, I was seriously impressed. Also, grey polish is the tits.


If Hyruled the World; “based off of the legendary character, Link, from the game Legend of Zelda. This polish has a medium green base and is packed with golden flakes and golden holographic glitters.”  The Legend of Zelda will always hold a dear place in my heart. Ocarina of Time is one of my absolute favorite games, and always will be. Now that I’ve got a 3DS, I picked up the remastered version for it and I’m excited to dig in and relive the game that helped shape my childhood.

If Hyruled the World is such a complex yet simple polish, if that makes sense. The base is an almost olive shade and the gold flakes and holo just add to it. In just two thin coats, I fell in love and couldn’t stop staring at my nails. Majestic. As. Eff. I feel like Princess Zelda herself would rock this polish any day of the week.


I know I fangirl’d hard above, but hopefully you enjoyed it all! She did such an incredible job bringing each character to life through nail polish. I’m beyond jazzed to have been able to swatch and review these. This collection launches tomorrow, 1/1/2017 on Prices range from $8.50 – $9 per polish, or you can get the full collection for $48.


Which is your favorite? Have you played any of these games? Or, are there any games that you absolutely love?


Oh, and Pretty & Polished also sent me some of their Winter collection for my Great Holiday Giveaway which ends in just a few days! Go check it out!

Thanks for reading, babes! Have a fun and safe New Year! <3



***The collection above was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***


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  1. If Hyruled The World is my fav – not only is it green and holooooooo, but it is Zelda, one of my all time favorite game series :) Great write up, I love reading reviews from people passionate about the subject of inspiration!!

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