Man. 2016 is ending pretty damn poorly, isn’t it? Carrie today. George Michael two days ago. All of the other celebrities that taught us that it’s okay to be a little weird and sad that we lost throughout the year. My heart aches. It’d be a lie to say that I haven’t had my favorite George Michael songs on repeat since Christmas.

Ah, but I digress. We’re here for polish! It can’t bring folks back, but nail polish calms me and brings me a little peace and sanity. So, that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days. Polishing my nails non-stop. Hopefully I’ll be able to get quite a few posts up this week. HOPEFULLY.

Tonight, I’ve got a gorgeous Native War Paints shimmer to share! I had the chance to meet Amanda and her hubby, Brian, at Polish Con in September, and they were an absolute delight. I’ve since been able to interact with them on social media, and they’re just plain lovely. That, and they create some kick ass and super unique shimmers. Seriously. After a shimmer or 6, you think you’ve seen them all, but NWP has managed to come up with things we’ve not yet seen, and they’re stunning.

Brokelyn 2017 is a polish that they created for Polish Con 2017, which will be held in NYC in the Spring! You can find more info on it here, if you’d like! This was available for a very short window for those that may not be able to attend, but will be brought back for the convention. If you’re going, you need to get this. Oh. And their TWD holos. And the Sweaters Collections. Ugh. Just. All of them. ADIOS PAYCHECK.

It can be best described, I think, as a deep denim or indigo blue with some serious copper shimmer. As a serial thin-coater, it went on beautifully opaque in one coat. ONE. Dude. I topped it with Seche Vite to bring out a bit more shine and the shimmer, but it does look quite lovely by itself! The copper in it is incredibly sexy, and completely transforms the polish.


Since I’m trying to get the hang of stamping and I’m stamping ALLLLL THE MANIS, I figured I’d toss a little plaid on top for funsies. I used Sinful Colors’ Snow On White and Hēhē stamping plates hēhē027. I love how it looks, too! Also, can I just say that the images pick up beautifully? EFF dude, I’m gonna need to snag the Miyazaki collection ASAP.



What do y’all think?

Aside from totally digging this polish, I think it may be nap time. Or time for some cookies and a bubble bath. And some more Father Figure on repeat. 2016, you’re a  stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder. Hurry up, January 1st. I’m outtie.

Oh, and while you’re here, have you entered the Great Holiday Giveaway yet?! Just a week left to enter!


Thanks for reading babes!

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  1. I have many, many regrets after seeing your swatches. I toyed with the idea of picking it up during the pre-order, but I decided I did too much damage over Black Friday. Oooh the feels.

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