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Frig, y’all. Christmas is in a week, and 2016 ends in just two. This year has flown by. This time last year, I was completely freaking out because I was spending the holidays alone (we were super LDR at that point, and it was sad as all get out) and had no idea when I’d get to see my amazing new boyfriend. This year? I made the 604 mile move. We’re in a house. We’re surrounded by wonderful friends. Sure, the year outside of my little bubble has been complete and utter junk, but my year for me, was good.

What better way to say ADIOS MOTHER****** to 2016 and helloooo to 2017 than with a goooorgeous holiday duo?!

Chrissy from Turtle Tootsie Polishes has been absolutely killing it with her creations this year. It’s no surprise that she’s wrapping up 2016 and starting 2017 with another fantastic duo. She’s a polish goddess, I swear. I was so excited when she contacted me about swatching this duo. They’re so lovely, y’all. You’re going to love them!

First up is Bye 2016; a sheer plum jelly base with delicious gold microflakies. This polish is beautiful – those flakies give it this extra level of depth, it’s quite lovely. It went on smoothly and I had absolutely no issues with texture (as some do with flakies). It’s a wonderful sendoff for the year, I think!  For my ever-present VNL, I needed three coats, but I’m positive most could get away with 2. Now, just to be completely transparent, I had issues with staining. BUT before you get nervous, lemme explain it all. The other swatchers had no issues whatsoever with staining. My nails are incredibly receptive to it, and any sort of vibrant red/purple/pink will stain me instantly. I used super thin coats of my peel off base coat, so that probably didn’t help my nails, either. That being said, I scrubbed with a mani sugar scrub and it was gone quickly. I let Chrissy know right away that it’s more than likely just my nails that had the issue, but we wanted to be upfront with everyone just in case. I would totally wear this polish time and time again, regardless. Honestly. IT’S JUST SO PRETTY.


And now for Hello 2017; a deep blue jelly with silver and blue microflakies! OH MY. This one is perfect. It was a bit more opaque than Bye 2016, and I only needed two coats. This one transforms depending on the lighting you’re in. I wound up taking photos of it while outside and in another building and it. was. magical. As LacqueredMama so eloquently put it – the flakies give it a metallic, almost icy feel!


They’re awesome, aren’t they? These babies release tomorrow, December 18th at 8pm EST. A full-sized set will be $17 (plus shipping) and a mini set will be $10. If you’d prefer one over the other, you can get the full-sized singles for $10 or $6 for the minis. While you’re visiting TTP’s shop, be sure to check out Chrissy’s ELF collection! It’s one of my favorite movies, and I can’t even put into words how much I love that she created a whole collection inspired by it.

And now for more links!

Do y’all have any plans for NYE? I have the day off, but I’ll probably wind up working or helping out at the boyfriend’s work. Or sleep. Sleep sounds amazing.

Speaking of, why the hell am I awake and blogging before 11am? WHAT IS THIS?!

It’s naptime, that’s what this is. Thanks for reading, loves!


***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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