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I’ve tried to write 5 different intros. My god, who knew having a blog was like English class all over again? Ugh. One day I’ll be clever enough to capture the hearts of nail polish addicts around the world within the first paragraph.

Today, however, is not that day.

In other news, I’m eating one of those delicious totino’s pizzas and I legit just dropped a ton of canadian bacon on my freshly washed pajamas AFTER spilling diet coke down my front. I’m a keeper, y’all.

But you fine folks aren’t here to hear my tales of woe, are you? Nah. We’re here for the nail goods, right? YEEEEEAH!

Night Owl Lacquer is back on the blog with an ultra-festive collection that’s perfect for the upcoming holidays! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lindsay is a friggen genius when it comes to nail polish. She’s got formulas down pat and she’s got an eye for colors and finishes that go super well together. She’s a damn good egg, too. I’m jazzed as hell to call her a friend.

Her Holiday Collection is made up of 5 gorgeous lacquers that range from glitter bombs to ultra shimmers. I’m in love.

My Love For You Is Evergreen – “this is a shimmery green polish with gold color shifting flecks, green micro flakies and green holo micro glitter”; I love this green. It’s such a warm shade and makes me think Christmas – it’s not too blue, not too yellow. It’s the perfect Christmas tree green. Oh and the formula? PERFECT. Went on in two thin coats like butter.

my-love-for-you-is-evergreen-6my-love-for-you-is-evergreen-1 my-love-for-you-is-evergreen-5

Twinkling Lights – “inspired by one of my favorite Christmas activities, driving around to look at everyone’s Christmas lights. This is a glitter bomb with silver, red & green holo micro glitters, holographic rainbow glitter, crystal rainbow glitter and rainbow iridescent micro glitter”; so, this one is a bit on the thinner side, but I love it. My photos show it in three thin coats and it’s still a little sheer, but it’s delicate and festive all at the same time. Lindsay and I were talking about it maybe being a topper, so I’m going to see what it looks like over the four polishes in the collection and I’ll post about them when I do. For now, though, enjoy this effing fabulous glitter bomb! Because of the rainbow glitters, it’s totally like Christmas lights! They’re the perfect amount of sheer so that they look like actual lights. Well. In my head, at least.


Meet Me Under The Mistletoe – “this is a bright red shimmery polish with red holographic micro glitter and green/gold iridescent glitter”; do y’all remember ribbon candy? My grandma always had some around Christmas and I never really ate it, but I loved to sit and look at it because it was so damn pretty. This polish, in person, looks just like it. Just a tad translucent (almost jelly-like) and shimmery. Check out the red piece in this photo – it’s spot on! While this polish has the almost jelly finish, it went on in one perfect coat for me. This red is a must-have. Seriously. It’s seductive and classy and everything right with the world.


Bling It New Year – “this is a silver polish packed with silver holographic glitters & shreds and white micro flakies.” Bless all of the makers making silver polishes this year. I’m astounded. Each one is different. It’s like… HOW? I didn’t know there were so many ways to create a silver. They’re all fricken gorgeous, too! This one is no exception to that! It went on in one coat for me and the holographic just made it POP like whoa. I love the flakies mixed in, too! They give it an almost… fresh look? Not sure that that was the word I was going for, but we’re gonna roll with it.

bling-it-new-year-2 bling-it-new-year-4 bling-it-new-year-5

Sugarplum Dreams – “this is a blurple base with a bright violet shimmer, iridescent micro glitter and white micro flakies”; well. We already know my photos aren’t going to be 100% accurate. I tried both my DSLR and my phone and numerous lighting setups and they all came out a bit more blue than this really is in person. I did, however, manage to capture the purple shimmer, so at least there’s that! I love this one so incredibly much. It’s not one of your typical holiday colors, but it’s wintery and absolutely breathtaking. It was pretty much a one-coater, but I did two just to be safe.


This beautiful collection releases tomorrow (well, today at this point. Night Owl definitely describes me, heh) at 10pm MST! You can get the whole collection for $42 or at $9 per polish. Also, all US orders over $50 ship free with FREESHIP50! If you’re looking for something to get you to the $50 mark, I vote for Autumn Winds. Grey polish = life.

Oh! We’ve got a neato little facebook group – Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up and we’d love to have you join. Lindsay has also created a discount code exclusively for the group, so swing on by!

Be sure to check out Night Owl Lacquer on Instagram, too!

Do you have a favorite from the collection? Looking back now, I don’t think I can really pick! My butt has got to get to bed, but I hope you guys are having a wonderful day or night and I appreciate the visit!


***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos.***

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