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I. Am. Beat. We spent about 8 hours at the old house today cleaning and getting all of the last little things. My goodness, it took forever. And now? Now our new dining room is filled with boxes. I suppose at this point, it’s a good thing that we don’t have a table yet. Or chairs. Oops. But! The move is done! WE. ARE. DONE. Now we can focus on getting things cleaned and set up exactly how we like them just in time for Christmas. EEEE! Oh, and speaking of the holidays, I have…


Courtney over at Posh Paints Nail Lacquer has created a GORGEOUS 5-piece holiday collection that has everything you’d ever need and want in a Christmas collection. And more. 

You ready? I’m ready.

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe – “green, red, and gold various sized glitters in a silver micro holographic glitter base”; Yo. This one is magical. I’m not a glitter gal, but this one just friggen screams Christmas. I also like how opaque it is – I only needed two coats. Oh, and for it being a glitter bomb, I had no issues with texture (just used my normal 1 coat of Seche) and it also wasn’t a bitch to remove after. IT’S SO FESTIVE. If you don’t need a little festivity in your life, especially around this time of year…

meet-me-under-the-mistletoe-2 meet-me-under-the-mistletoe-7 meet-me-under-the-mistletoe-11


‘Tis The Season – “a yellowish gold base with a mix of various sized gold holographic glitters, holographic pigment, and gold shimmer”; I honestly can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoy this one. I’m not one for golds (especially not in jewelry, just ain’t my thing), but this one is something special. It’s got this unique brushed metallic finish (kinda like that OPNL I shared with y’all!) and the different sized glitters give it so much UNF. Two coats needed for full opacity.



All That Glitters Is Snow – “silver micro holographic flakes and multi sized silver holographic glitters in a clear base”; Okay. So. Courtney must have like sold her soul or something for this one. I swear to sweet little baby jesus that she sold her soul for a shit ton of diamonds just to smash them up and put into bottles. It’s like. So effing blingy, I’m entranced. Each time it caught the bright lights in our gaming den, my brain went full “OH SHINY THINGS” for a good 15 seconds. Eff. This is another one that I’d want to pour all over the walls. And my car. And my boyfriend. And the nerds. And my phone. And well. You get the idea. Oh, and it was damn near a one-coater!

all-that-glitters-is-snow-1 all-that-glitters-is-snow-4 all-that-glitters-is-snow-2


Win-tree Weather – “a green jelly base with micro holographic flakes and gold shimmer”; I have some serious love for these jelly-based holos. It’s like the flakies are just swimming in this jelly goodness and they make it appear so incredibly deep. That made almost no sense. There was kind of an attempt. Kind of. This and the next one both remind me of Zoya’s flakie holo polishes, and I’m jazzed to see indies making polishes with a similar finish. These are also super opaque, too! It went on a little sheer at first, but built up beautifully with the second coat. Now, with the flakies, I found it had a bit of texture, but nothing that my top coat didn’t settle out. Also. Can we just take a moment to talk about the gold shimmer in this? It’s like a gold tinsel-strewn Christmas tree ALL UP ON YO NAILS.



S Is For Sledding – “a  red jelly base with micro holographic flakes and micro holographic glitters.”; Yo dude. This one might be my favorite from the collection. Maybe. This one and All That Glitters Is Snow. Just like Win-tree, this has that jelly formula with the flakie shards and the flakies just give it so much depth and finesse and flashiness. I love it so. Shiiiiiiet, add holo to any sort of red and I’m already sold. I’m a cheap date. Only two coats here, too!



Purdy, huh? Maaaaaaaaaaaan. I need to put these all together in some sort of art because they’d all look amazing together. IT’S JUST ALL SO CHRISTMASY.

You’re sitting there thinking that you need these to kick off the start of December, huh? Yeah, I knew it. I know you well.

Since you’re gonna wanna snag these, I’ll go ahead and let you know that you’ll need $40 for the full collection, or $9 per polish. Though, that $40 for the set of 5 ain’t bad. If you missed out on some holiday sales, I FOUND ONE FOR YOU. Well. Kinda. We’ll just say I did the thing.

These launch tomorrow, 12/1 at 12pm EST over at And while you’re there, you’re gonna wanna check out her other stuffs. Courtney is a damn polish wizard, y’all. Seriously.

Oh, and we have a neato little facebook group that you guys might wanna join. There’s some sass and some sparkle and a group of good folks. We cool, trufax.


I’m about 73 photos behind on editing for another post tomorrow I’m going to go curl my ass up on the sofa and get to work. I hope y’all have a lovely evening!




***The collection above was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos.***

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