Press samples purchased with blogger discount.

Full disclosure – I’m an actual idiot. I had this post ready to go live on Saturday, 2 days before the preorder. Instead, I managed to queue it somehow for today, the day after the preorder ended. So. Those that are reading this, I am 100000000% sorry and I hope you snagged these because this post will only make you wish you’d bought them. Trufax.

Cyber Monday is almost upon us, friends! It’s wild that they do CM so close to Black Friday, or at least I think so. I’m too damn broke to ball out twice in one paycheck. NOPE . Our blessed indies, however, do some fantastic things and offer amazing discounts that will entice you no matter what. BLESS YOU, PAY AFTER DELIVERY. BLESS YOU.

Dave from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer created a Holiday Duo specifically for Cyber Monday (in addition to the 4 exclusives he created for Ella Ann Cosmetics’ shop – check my review here!) They’ll be on preorder on Monday the 28th from 11am EST till 5pm EST, and for the first hour, they’ll be discounted to $20! These babies are stunning, seriously. Oh, and he’s bringing back a few older OPNLs that y’all won’t want to miss out on. I know I plan to snag a few… or five.


OH AND I ARTED. Knda. They kinda failed, but. I tried. I did the damn thing. Do I get a cookie? I think I should. I like chocolate chip, in case you need to know… for uhh… for science. 


Fir Elise – a gorgeous blackened emerald shimmer polish. This went on in two coats and had no issues whatsoever with streaking (not that I was worried with an OPNL being streaky – just the fact that it’s a darker shimmer. Being prepared and shit.)  It’s stunning. I had such a hard time getting it to show in photos since both my DSLR and phone picked up the black in it, but at certain angles, my goodness. Regal. As. Efffffff.

fir-elise-5 fir-elise-6 fir-elise-7

Ring My Belle – an almost metallic silver holo; it reminds me of tinsel! This is magic in a tiny glass bottle. Seriously. No photos could ever do it justice because the finish is so unique. I have no idea how to explain it so I’ll just show it off in photos. How about that? Oh, and it was nearly a one-coater! I added a second thin coat just because I have a visible dent in my nail and you could see it something fierce.

ring-my-belle-3 ring-my-belle-12 ring-my-belle-7

They’re friggen gorgeous, huh? Absolutely perfect for the holiday season, if I may say so!


I tried a little dry brushing of Fir Elise over Ring My Belle since FE can be a tad sheer if ultra-thin coats are used. It didn’t turn out anything like it did in my head, but I love how the silver almost darkened up the green to make it a bit more of a spruce shade. If that makes any sense at all, haha.


This… This is almost an abomination, but I kinda really love it. I meant for it to look a bit like either wrapping paper or a Christmas tree with ornaments and tinsel but I mucked it up a little. The plate I used (and absolutely love!) is Ejiubas EJB-03 and the stripes were done with Sinful Colors Snow On White. The ornament-lookin’ thingies were actually the other 5 holiday colors from OPNL! I feel like I would have liked this a whole lot more had my nails been longer. Perhaps given a bit more to the tree illusion… maybe.


So… Whatcha think? I’m definitely diggin’ on this duo, and I can’t wait to wear them more!

Moar deets just because.

Where: octopuspartynl.com

When: Monday November 28th. 11am EST – 5pm EST.

Price: $20 for the first hour, $23 for the remaining time.

Other fun places!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!





***The polishes above were purchased by me at a blogger discount in exchange for an honest review and photos.***

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