Blogger-discounted press samples ahead. 

The little nubbins and I are back for some late-night bloggin’! I just got done making the prettiest pumpkin pie I will ever make in my life and running to kroger because I forgot sugar for the sweet potato casserole for tomorrow. Ugh. At least we go after midnight so there’s not a metric shit ton of folks there in the same predicament as me. Bed needs to happen soon since I work in the morning (aw yiss, that sweet holiday pay, yo!), but these Ella Ann Cosmetics exclusives from OPNL launch at 10pm EST tonight. They. Are. Gorgeous. Oh man.


Octopus Party Nail Lacquer will always be in my top 5 favorite indies. Dave just has a way with nail polish. His colors are phenomenal and he’s pretty kick ass with the formulas, too. I haven’t actually found an OPNL that I didn’t instantly fall in love with, no lie.

I’ve somewhat strayed from my usual uniform photos while having the nubs – so please forgive me for the next few weeks. Trying to learn how to capture the different finishes without being able to rely on the longer nail. I think I’m doing okay so far, though!



Amulet – $14; “Gold and copper metallic flakie linear holographic.” Man, this one is magical. I only needed two coats for full opacity and adding my usual Seche Vite top coat only made it shine brighter. I  had a tiny bit of texture come through, but once I topped it, it settled out just fine. It’s the perfect holiday color, I think. Flashy, yet classy. I can’t wait to try some nail art with this, and see it in the sun. SOON.

amulet-1 amulet-2 amulet-6


On the Frocks $12; “Blue-purple iridescent glitter topper, with clear holographic glitters.” One of the lovely ladies in the Octosquad pointed out to me that this polish is reminiscent of the Rainbow Fish. SHE’S TOTALLY RIGHT. I can’t unsee it now. For these photos, I did one coat and then sponged on one more. I plan to layer it over alllllll the things, but I had to try it solo first. It’s so pretty! And looking at it in the bottle, it makes me think of the ocean. It’s gorgeous. Also, lolhelladrycuticles. I’m oiling up 5-8 times a day and using cuticle balm when I think about it. I haven’t had to deal with cold weather like this in over a decade, so my skin is totally freaking out. My bad, y’all!

on-the-frocks-1 on-the-frocks-4 on-the-frocks-6


Stag Party – $13; “Dark chocolate linear holographic with brown glitter.” MAN. I love this one so hard. It’s a one-coater, and absolutely scrumptious. I plan to try some nail art with it and Edge of Velveteen because they’re just begging to be used together. I need backup bottles. Just look at that holo flame. IT’S P E R F E C T.

stag-party-1 stag-party-2 stag-party-3


Edge of Velveteen $13; “Pink cranberry linear holographic.” This one is also pretty much a one-coater for me! I’m going to chalk that up to the nubs, though. I noticed a few other bloggers say that they needed 2 to 3 coats for full opacity. EoV, though, is effing beautiful. In low lighting it’s a muted berry pink, but in bright lights, the holo comes through and it’ll knock your socks off. I may or may not have taken close to 60 photos of this one alone, so y’all get to see a bajillion shots of it here. I’m not even sorry.

edge-of-velveteen-1 edge-of-velveteen-2 edge-of-velveteen-3 edge-of-velveteen-4 edge-of-velveteen-6


And now for the details! These four polishes will be available here – both individually, and as a set of four. The preorder opens at 10pm EST today, November 24th. If you snag all four as a set within the first hour, you’ll get a discount, which’ll bring the retail price ($52) down to $42. Keep in mind that you only have until 10pm EST on the 27th to order these, so be sure to mark your calendars!

OH! And Dave also has a special Cyber Monday duo coming out that I’ll have on here shortly, too. Oh my god, I love them so. Can’t wait to show y’all!

As I upload these on Instagram (you can click right on through to my feed from the tiles on the right side!), I’ll be adding nail art throughout the preorder window, so keep an eye out!

What’s your favorite? Are there any must-haves for you?

Thanks for reading! I hope y’all have a fantastic Turkey day! <3





***I purchased the 4 polishes with a blogger discount in exchange for photos and an honest review, which can be found above!***


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