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Hi again! I’m trying to get ahead of the swatch game here so I’m not rushing while trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. So far? I’ve failed. But! I did get the desk yesterday and some blackout curtains came today. I’m content. I’m far more excited than I thought I’d be about them. Does this mean I’m adulting?

We’re gonna go with yes.

Annnnnnnnnd now back to the Indieverse! Brandie, the doll behind Nail Hoot created a 5 piece ethereal-feeling collection for Christmas. They aren’t your traditional holiday colors, but my goodness, they’re stunning! After seeing the names, I see why she chose them (they’re named after Christmas carols, if you hadn’t picked up on that from the title!), as they totally fit.  I’m stoked about this collection. Looking at the colors, you’d think they’d all be pretty sheer. NOPE. They’re all either one or two-coaters. I LIKEY.

Oh, and before we get into photos, y’all totally have to be warned about my nubs. My nails haven’t been this short in about 2 years. I. Could. Cry. My hands are already tiny, but these make me look like I have kiddo hands. UGH. I think short nails suit some folks, but not me. I miss my claws. /sigh They’ve been growing pretty quickly lately so hopefully they don’t stay this short for too long.

These polishes, though, make me feel better about my itty bitty nails. Wanna see?

Away in a Manger; “A beautiful baby blue polish with pink and aqua shimmers.” Hah, perk to short nails? No VNL, so I can get away with one coat! EHEHE. I love these shimmers. They’re not streaky and go on so smoothly. This blue is to die for, too!

away-in-a-manger-1 away-in-a-manger-3 away-in-a-manger-4

O Come All Ye Faithful; “A very light pink, almost champagne-toned polish with pink and golden highlights.” My camera picked this up a bit more pale, but it’s much warmer in person. The golden highlights come to life in any lighting, it’s absolutely stunning. I can see this being a great spring polish, too! Oh, and I did two coats, but really only needed one.

o-come-all-ye-faithful-2o-come-all-ye-faithful-4 o-come-all-ye-faithful-3

Joy to the World; “A lovely shade of green that’s a mix between sea foam and granny apple with pink shimmer throughout.” I can’t even describe how happy this polish makes me. I needed two coats, but it’s so vibrant and happy, I love it something serious. I think the pink shimmer goes with the green so incredibly well.

joy-to-the-world-2 joy-to-the-world-1joy-to-the-world-4

Angels we have Heard on High; “A gorgeous red toned purple with gold shimmers.” This color, oh my eff. It’s this delicious almost blackened-purpley burgundy shade and the gold just. Wow. Cold shower definitely needed. Oh, and only one coat! UGH IT’S PERFECT.

angels-we-have-heard-on-high-3 angels-we-have-heard-on-high-1angels-we-have-heard-on-high-4

O Holy Night; “A stunning deep blue polish that shifts to purple. Contains extremely fine holo microglitters.” Y’ALL. THIS COLOR. IS MY COLOR. That blue and purple shifty magical prettiness. This. This is that shade that I base my WoW transmogs off of. UNF. Do you think the nerds would get mad if I painted everything with this polish? Because I wanna. HNNNNG. I used two coats and though it has the fine microglitters, I had no issues with texture. Naturally, my phone mostly picked up the blue, but look at that flame!

o-holy-night-2o-holy-night-3 o-holy-night-1

Brandie also sent along some cuuuuute little water decal owls. Thinking I may need to try a seriotype with some placed on top, I think it’d be totally adorable!


The Christmas Carols collection is available now – $33 for the full-sized set, and $23 for the minis, or $7 a piece! I love that Nail Hoot offers such gorgeous colors with fantastic formulas at great prices.

Also, they’re offering huge discounts for Black Friday! I snagged this info from their Facebook page:

Black Friday starts right now with our biggest sale ever! Use code BLACKFRIDAY2016 for 15% off your entire purchase*. Spend $30** and get a very special, very limited polish for free (no code needed). $3.50 Talon Tape and Swatch & Peel – no code needed! Spend $50 and get free US shipping!

Shop @ Http://

*Code does not apply to Christmas Carols
**Spend $30 after discounts and shipping

Good stuff, eh?

I’ve also got a few more links for y’all to check out if you care to!

Man. Info overload tonight, huh? Hopefully this’ll help you guys build your Christmas wishlists! :P



Have a good one and thanks for reading!




***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found in this post.***

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