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I move in two days. T W O D A Y S. Shiiiiiiiiet.


It’s 2am on the 14th. WE MOVE TOMORROW. Is anything packed? HELL NAW. Granted, some of my stuff is still packed from when I left Georgia, but it’s like… THERE’S JUST SO MUCH NAIL POLISH TO MOVE. Jesus. Ain’t that a first world problem, or what? Sigh.


On top of that, I broke my ring finger. Like. Smashed the knuckle in my car door. How the hell does that even happen? So stupid.

WTB professional movers for hella cheap. Will pay in compliments and fancy mac and cheese.

Well, while I wait for y’all lovely folks to send offers to my email, I may as well show off some pretties that are releasing today, huh? YEEEEAH.

Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has created a 12 piece collection for winter made up of crellies, glitters, multichromes, and even a holo or two. My goodness, I love this collection something fierce. She asked me if I’d like to swatch a few and y’all know I couldn’t possibly tell this sweet woman no. She’s such a beautiful human, inside and out. That alone would make me want to buy alllll of her fantastic polishes. No lie.

Be sure to stick around for the end of the post – I’ll list all of the details as well as link to some more blogs with reviews of the collection!

Obligatory Christmas Polish; an almost off-white crelly with tiny gold holo glitters and red and green glitters. In all honesty, I didn’t think I’d like this one much, but it’s so cheery and bright, I love it! The gold in it just ties it all together. OH AND IT’S NOT TEXTURED. I only needed two coats, too!



That’s Just Plum Dandy!; a deep plum dusty creme. I waited entirely too long to try the dusty cremes from P&P. They’re SO much more than your ordinary creme polishes. There’s just a tiny bit more to them that give them an almost antiqued look. Ugh, I die. This one is unreasonably pretty, and only took two coats. I normally stay away from cremes because they tend to show imperfections, but that wasn’t the case here.

thats-just-plum-dandy-4 thats-just-plum-dandy-5


I Need A Taupe-ical Vacation; a pale grey-ish taupe that shows the dusty creme finish in all it’s glory. I want to paint our entire house with this, dusty speckles and all. It’s a one coater, you guys. ONE. oneeeeeeeee! I’m a damn drooling mess with this on. I think it’s my favorite, and now I need to acquire every single one of the dusty cremes from Chelsea. Efffffffff.



Sleighing It!; a red to orange multichrome with a bit of holo coming through. TWO COATS! I’ve never actually worn a multichrome before. I must have been living under a rock or some shit. I literally sat there looking at my nails in every lighting possible, getting way too excited seeing the shift happen. You’re also going to see spam of these since I took a few photos with my DSLR as well as with my phone just for the flash bonus. Unf. Also, the hot pink showing through? DO LIKE.

sleighing-it-1 sleighing-it-3 sleighing-it-5 sleighing-it-7


Brisky Business; an almost blackened blue that shifts to purple with a smattering of flakies throughout. I’ve learned that my phone refuses to pick up purple in polishes like this. Disappointing. At least I managed to find my SD card in the middle of not packing, so I at least got a blurry shift photo with my camera. I couldn’t get the flakies to show fully, though. Ugh. I needed three coats for this one, but I think it was because I went a little too thin with my coats.

brisky-business-3 brisky-business-5 brisky-business-8 brisky-business-9


Yule Thank Me Later; a blue to green multichrome with tons of flakies and some holo goodness. Another favorite in the collection, for sure. I love how it’s so densely packed between the base and the flakies, but it’s not overwhelming. Eff. And for having such a light base, it was super opaque. I only needed one coat, but wound up adding a second because I’m a potato.

yule-thank-me-later-1 yule-thank-me-later-3 yule-thank-me-later-5 yule-thank-me-later-7


These babes release later on today, the 14th, along with the other 6 polishes in the collection.

Multichromes are $9, glitters/crellies are $8.50, and the dusty cremes are $7.50. You can also snag all 12 for $90, with free shipping. Not bad!

And now for the links!


I’ll also add the other reviews from other bloggers as the links go live so you guys can see ALLLLLLL THE PRETTIES. YES. GOOD.

So, what’s your favorite? The cremes and chromes are totally mine. Too pretty to not fall in love with. BUT! Chelsea makes some amazeballs crellies. They definitely changed my opinion on crellies as a whole. YOU GO GIRL.


I may disappear for a few days, but once we have internet, I’ll have a metric f***ton to share, so keep an eye out. Or something. Thanks for reading, y’all!





***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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