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Y’all. We’ve gotten to the point of the night that the nerds are playing H1Z1 and making the dumbest jokes ever. Like. They’re not even good jokes. It’s just stupid puns and phrases turning into lines from random songs. (That doesn’t sound all that bad now that I’ve typed it out. Just believe me on this one.)

I’m far too sober for this. I’m really glad that Mary from MTK Design makes some gorgeous polishes named after yummy adult beverages. I may or may not be needing a few of them while listening to this madness. Lord help me.

I was lucky enough to meet Mary in September at Polish Con! Her and her hubby Chris were fanstastic – just sitting and talking after a busy day of fighting my way through the convention was wonderful. They play WoW as well, so I may or may not have nerded out a little.


Instead of packing like I should be, I wanted to share some of Mary’s wonderful thermal polishes because procrastination, y’all. I’ve got quite a few from her for testing, so I’ll be breaking them up as far as my blog posts. I can’t even put into words how much I love them and how much thought she puts into each and every one. OH! And her thermals transition SO easily! I love that my nails are so long, so I can see both colors at the same time. FANCY, YO.



Death In The Afternoon; “Inspired by the cocktail of the same name. Thermal shift from milky lime chartreuse (warm) to a cool blue-green (cool) w/ subtle sparkle because you don’t want too much sugar in this drink. It’s dangerous enough already.” I seriously dig this one. I love love love the cool state – it’s the perfect mermaid color, especially with the subtle holo sparkle. The warm state? Do like! I didn’t think I would because my brain connects chartreuse with an ugly color, so I warmed my nails assuming I wouldn’t enjoy it. And then I fell in love. I used only two coats, and only noticed VNL in the warm state.


death-in-the-afternoon-4 death-in-the-afternoon-7


Fiery Soul; “Oh, this one is bright. Coral red that warms to this soft, almost delicate orange with just a little sparkle.” Oh, my heart. Fiery Soul is absolutely perfect! If my feet weren’t always hot (instead of hot flashes, I have feet flashes. I wear flip flops year-round because of it. My body is trying to boil me from the inside out. Send help.), I’d have this on my toes all the time. It’s such a happy color, and it reminds me of a Tequila Sunrise. Only two coats here, too! Most of her polishes dry to a satin finish because Mary (rightly so) thinks it’s gorgeous. For the sake of uniformity, I used top coat, and loved how it made it almost brighter!



Strange Magic; “Fine scattered holo in a dark blackened purple base that warms to a soft almost lavender purple.” Y’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. You know purple is my weakness. In addition to it, it’s got a blue flame that just. Unnnnnf. Drool-worthy. The warm state is the color that I base most of my WoW transmogs after. I love it so. It’s so effin’ sexy, my goodness! The holo in it is subtle, but adds so much to it, seriously. I used three coats, but totally could have gotten away with two. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I only did three because I wasn’t paying attention and added another. Ooops. This polish was named after the song by Electric Light Ochestra. It’s totally fitting for this enigmatic polish.



Aren’t these to die for? I’ve never been big on thermals just because I’d been keeping my nails short, but now that they’re long, I want alllll the thermals. I feel like a damn giddy child watching the transition happen. My poor boyfriend has to deal with me running up constantly and shoving my nails in his face to show him every few minutes. Bless his heart.


DitA is available now here and the other two will be available in the MTK Design Etsy shop soon! You’ll also want to keep an eye on their Facebook page for deals and upcoming polishes!


Geeze, it’s already two in the morning. I swear, it almost feels later, but at the same time it doesn’t. Thanks time change. Thanks. Guess it means it’s time for me to drag my sleepy butt to bed. Night y’all! Thanks for reading! :D





***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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