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Ahh, how sweet fall is. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, pumpkin everything. I love it. Autumn will forever be my favorite. I’m excited to be in a place where there’s actual seasons. Bless you, Narnia. Bless you.


Also, we finally found a house! We move in just under two weeks and I’m beyond excited. I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas alone in my apartment last year. This year is going to be perfect. Surrounded by my amazing boyfriend and the rest of the nerd family, I can’t wait! Now let’s hope it doesn’t freak snow in the next 11 days… Luckily, if it does, the house that we’re moving to is just a few blocks away. AWW YISS. Poor nerds are going to have to deal with me putting up Christmas decorations as soon as we move in. Mwahahahahaha!

Ah, but you’re not here for my babbling, are you? No, of course not. Let’s jump on in!

Lindsay, the amazingly sweet woman behind Night Owl Lacquer reached out a while back asking if I’d like to swatch her upcoming Fall Collection. I clearly had to say yes. I swatched her Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection and absolutely loved it. This new collection though, y’all. It blows the rest out of the water. It’s so diverse and unique and just actual perfection. She’s going to do great things in the indie world, I just know it.

She was initially worried that this collection would be too mundane. MAAAAAAN. She was wrong. In the best way, she was so wrong. It’s made up of 5 different lacquers that range from cremes to jellies with tons of shimmer and holo thrown about. It’s incredibly beautiful and launches tomorrow, November 4th at 10pm MST. Seriously, y’all want this.

Photo time! This’ll probably photo heavy because there’s just so many pretties. Sorry not sorry.

Be Thankful; A reddish copper polish packed with copper flecks. Be Thankful is perfect for fall, especially since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There’s the tiniest hint of gold in here as well, that just sets it apart. It’s not your typical holiday red, folks. Unf. And also, I only needed two coats! I figured I’d need three just because I’m the queen of dark VNL, but nope! Perfectly opaque in two!

be-thankful-3 be-thankful-5 be-thankful-8


Harvest Moon; A pale gold shimmer polish packed with gold micro flakies. I’m not one for pale or pastel shades, but this one is perfect! Makes me think of the moon during fall nights, sitting out on the porch while sharing fantastic conversations with my favorite people. It’s such a delicate shade and quite lovely. I needed three thin coats, but had no issues with the formula whatsoever.

harvest-moon-2 harvest-moon-4 harvest-moon-6


Autumn Nights; A dark navy blue polish with lots of copper flecks. Y’all. I had the hardest time photographing this one. Each photo I took, came out darker than the rest. In the bottle, it almost looks like a purple with copper, so I was a little bit more than disappointed when I couldn’t get my photos to show the polish as I thought it to be. I panicked and emailed Lindsay freaking out. Come to find out, it’s a navy blue polish that reflects purple in some lighting. Hurr durr, Jenalyn. Hakuna your tatas. Knowing that now, I see that my photos are spot on. Eesh, I panicked for no damn reason. Bah. But Autumn Nights is truly gorgeous, and perfectly mysterious. I needed three coats because the formula is jelly like, but it went on smoothly and evenly!

autumn-nights-2 autumn-nights-6 autumn-nights-9


Sunshine on Falling Leaves; A shimmery olive green with gold holo micro glitters and gold holo shreds. I swear. Had someone told me years ago that olive would be one of my favorite colors, I would have called them a potato. Now? Now I love it. Hell, I even bought some olive green leggings last week. I MUST BE STOPPED. SoFL. Y’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. I… I can’t. I legit can’t even over how pretty this one is. I’m not particularly one for shimmers, but this one may just change my mind. The holo, wowwweeee! I love love love it. Only needed two coats! The holo totally freaked out my phone, but at least it gives you a better look at just how much is packed into this polish without going overboard.

sunshine-on-falling-leaves-2 sunshine-on-falling-leaves-6 sunshine-on-falling-leaves-8


Autumn Winds; A dark grey polish full of copper shimmer. HNNNNNG. This one is my absolute favorite. You guys know how I feel about grey polish. THE BEST. This one is totally a one-coater, too!  (but I did two because I’m an idiot and started the second coat absent-mindedly) It glows. Like. Embers floating about long after the bonfire has gone out. I can close my eyes and picture it all so clearly.



Looking back over what I’ve written, I apologize. I feel like an excited puppy bouncing all around going, “OOOH TOY OH THAT’S A TOY TOO OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS TOY AND THAT TOY AND OH LIFE IS GOOD TOY TOY TOY”. I realize that with press samples that we’re to give our honest opinions. I promise, that’s exactly what I’m doing. If I didn’t like something, you guys would know first.

This collection is phenomenal, and I know it’s going to be my go-to for this fall.


So. Tomorrow night, 10PM MST. You ready?

Shop: http://www.nightowllacquer.com/

Instagram: Night Owl Lacquer

Facebook group: Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up


Thanks for reading, loves! I think I’m going to work on packing and cleaning and pray for the welfare of my polish while we move. Orrrrrrr I could paint my nails. Or pack. Packing seems like a good idea.




***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, which can be found above!***



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