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I’m exhausted, y’all. Too tired to even care about the cooler weather (though it totally kicks ass!). I should have had this post up a day or two before but things are a mess.

The lovely Connie from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer asked me if I could help her out and swatch her upcoming SBPs for fall, and I was so jazzed, I said yes. Fast forward a few days and two dental visits later, “YOU HAVE TO HAVE ORAL SURGERY, KTHXBYE”. Naturally, they arrived in the mail just as I was loopy on pain meds and out of my mind with the owwies. Surgery was scheduled for Thursday and I thought I could have everything done in time for posting yesterday. NOPE. I’ve been so out of it. I honestly don’t remember Thursday aside from the pain (topical numbing + 9 shots and laughing gas + my medicine STILL FELT IT WTF), so it blew my mind once I realized the launch was approaching quickly.

So, here we are! Connie is a damn saint, and has been asking me how I’ve been feeling and totally understanding. I’m one lucky gal to have so many friends within the indie world that are so caring. Also, did y’all know that it’s been just over a year since I started working with her? SO COOL!

Alright, y’all came for the polishes. Not me whining. So. Here we go. There are 7 polishes that launch tomorrow October 17th at 12pm PST. They’re not really a part of a collection, but rather a small batch that she made for fall. They’re quite limited (think something close to 18 bottles of each color), but our creative genius from 77NL noted that if need be, she can mix up some more. They’re insanely pretty, and I honestly don’t think I have a favorite. Well. Maybe the reds. I love a good red. And purple. And now green. …Ahhh shit. Yeah, no favorite.

Ash – a teal jelly packed with blue and purple fine glitters (nothing that would leave a texture, but rather transforms the polish itself); oh man. This is magical. Looking at it from the bottle, I honestly thought it was a purple glitter. But as soon as I put it on, the teal base blew me away. I needed three coats for full opacity with my VNL, but the formula was nice and thin and didn’t goop up. My camera fought hard with me on this one. It pulled out the blue glitters before anything else, so keep in mind that the purple that you see shining through is actually what the polish looks like in person. I tried to color correct, but I couldn’t get anything close to what it looks like without fully distorting the photos.

ash-1 ash-3


Autumn Splendor – iridescent flakies that shift from pale gold to lavender; ohhhhhhhh this may be the favorite. I lied. I used it by itself, but I plan to use it as a topper on EVERYTHING. I used 3 coats and then sealed it with top coat and I was in love. It’s so shimmery and magical.

autumn-splendor-1 autumn-splendor-3


It’s Fall, Y’all; a warm brown (almost) crelly with purple and some blue shimmer running throughout; I think of hot chocolate when I see this one. Why? NO CLUE. Maybe because I’ve been craving some raspberry hot chocolate? Maybe. But I love how glowy this one is! And it was super opaque and only needed two coats. YAY!

its-fall-yall-1 its-fall-yall-3


Bates – A deep, vampy red jelly with red fine shimmery glitter running throughout; I recently watched Bates Motel, so when I see this seductive red, I picture Norman going batshit nuts. You too? Okay, good. It’s so gorgeous, I wish I could have gotten better photos of the shimmer. The base, though, is incredible. It’s deep and vibrant and ugh. I love. I needed three coats, but that’s the life of VNL and jellies. Y’know the deal.



Imogen – an almost metallic purple with blue and purple shimmer scattered throughout the polish; Ugh. Purples. My life. When I die, just bury me with all of my purple polishes. That’s not weird, right? Right. IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! Two coats, kiddos.



Winslow – a metallic apple green; absolutely perfect for fall. There’s a bit of gold shimmer that comes through and just takes it to a whole other level. And for it being a metallic-ish formula, it went on really well and not streaky at all. I only needed two coats plus top coat and I was falling in love.



Fall In Love – metallic glittery red; Not textured in any way, and SOOOO gorgeous. As soon as I took my photos, I stopped what I was doing and sent one of my fauxmacros to Connie like ‘LOOK HOW PURDY’. She seriously makes my favorite reds. They’re always opaque with perfect formulas and have such unique finishes. This one reminds me of the red polish I had in the 90s that my mom would only let me wear for Christmas. Ah, sweet nostalgia.



And if the nail shots don’t sell you on these, check out these bottles! Allllll that shimmah. SO GOOD.



Unf. What’s your favorite?

Just in case you missed it, these babies launch tomorrow (October 17th) at noon PST over at http://www.seventysevennaillacquer.com/


Connie and her kiddos also opened back up her Etsy shop to list some special polishes and other goodies that they made together. They’re trying to raise money for Christmas for their Dad. SO SWEET.


Moar links, yo:


Happy Fall, y’all!




***The polishes above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, which can be found along with my photos above.***

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