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That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear. Well, that, and “come downstairs, I’ve ordered your favorite pizza, got a kitten for you to cuddle, and ice cream ready”. One day. Hopefully.


I’ve got a new to me (and to the indie scene) brand to share with y’all tonight! Night Owl Lacquer just launched her second collection yesterday, and it’s up for preorder now. Those of you guys that love Harry Potter as much as I do will thoroughly enjoy this collection. TRUFAX. Lindsay did such an incredible job, and I’m completely blown away. This kind of collection is what you’d expect to see from a vet indie, not necessarily a newer brand. Just shows how well NOL is going to do. I’m excited as all get out, folks.

This collection is called the Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection and it’s perfect in every way possible. Hits you right in the feels and brings back such wonderful memories. Ugh. I could go on and on about it. But, why not just share photos? LET’S DO THAT.

Snowy Owl – This was inspired by Hedwig and is a white polish with lots of gold shimmer, gold micro flakies and midnight flakies; I normally save my favorite for last, but I can’t wait. One. Feelies. Two. Flakies. YES GOOD. And that gold shimmer is to die for. Ugh. And the most awesome part? The formula was awesome – only needed two coats and it went on so smoothly.

snowy-owl-1 snowy-owl-3 snowy-owl-4


A.P.W.B.D. – This is inspired by Dumbledore and is a medium grey polish with lots of blue shimmer & blue micro flakies; Awww, Dumbledore. For some reason, when I close my eyes, when I picture him, I picture a blue silver aura. No lie. And when I put this polish on, I was like OH SHIT YO. I couldn’t get the flakies to show in my photos but that shimmer is killer. Two coats for this one, too!

apwbd-1 apwbd-4 apwbd-5


Always – This was inspired by Snape & the general spirit of this word as it is used in the book. It is a black jelly polish packed with violet & iridescent rainbow flakies; Moar feels. This polish has so much depth. It’s almost like taking a dive in the Pensieve, watching all that is and all that was swirling around. Unf. Because of my VNL, I needed three coats, but not because I had to fish to flakies – its just the nature of a jelly polish on longer nails. BUT. Even with it at two coats, it was absolutely stunning.

always-4 always-1always-5


What’s Fluffy Guarding? – This was inspired by the sorcerer’s stone and is a deep red polish with copper holo micro glitters & red micro flakies; Oh, y’all know I love a good red. Especially one inspired by the enigmatic Philosopher’s Stone. I needed three coats with my VNL, but didn’t fight with the glitters or the flakies for smoothness. Another favorite from the collection, I must say. I love how shimmery it is with the copper glitters and flakies – makes me think of flames reflecting off the stone.




Goblins Love Gold – This was inspired by Gringotts and is a bright shimmery gold polish with gold holo shreds & lots of gold holo glitters of various sizes; Okay, so my lights are a bit too harsh. I used two coats for full coverage and in natural lighting, you couldn’t see my VNL. But in my photos, it shows. Ugh. So. When you see this, keep that in mind. The shimmer is gooooooorgeous and those glitters are enticing.

goblins-love-gold-1 goblins-love-gold-3 goblins-love-gold-4


Forbidden Forest – This was inspired by all of the magical things that go on in the forest. It is a dark shimmery green polish with copper & gold holo micro glitters and gold holo shreds; I swear, I’m falling more and more in love with greens, especially now that the weather is cooling down. This polish is no exception. Two coats and I was good as gold. Those glitters are seriously as magical as the Forbidden Forest – the way they catch the light is wonderful. So damn pretty.



I wish we had cable. I have a mighty need to marathon the movies now. I don’t own them on disc (shame, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame) but but but maybe soon. Or we’re gonna be getting cable solely for ABC Family and their Harry Potter marathons. Yup. That’s what I want for Christmas. (and that kitten I mentioned earlier)

OH. I ARTED AGAIN! I used Snowy Owl, What’s Fluffy Guarding, and Goblins Love Gold for this quick ‘Hedwig in a Gryffindor Scarf’ thingy. I’m so damn proud.


What do y’all think of the collection? I think it’s perfect in every possible way, and a necessity for HP fans all over.

And now for the deets, because y’all need to snag this.

It’s currently on preorder from now until October 21st, and will start shipping shortly after. If you purchase the entire collection it automatically ships free or if you want to mix & match with the Halloween polishes, (go look at them, they’re EFFIN PURDY)  all orders of $50 or more ship free with code FREESHIP50.

Shop: http://www.nightowllacquer.com/

Instagram: Night Owl Lacquer

Facebook group: Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up

So, whatcha plan on getting? Any of y’all going with any HP-themed costumes for Halloween? Or even just pumpkins?  If so, I wanna see!


And with that, it’s time for this night owl to take her ass to bed. Thanks for reading!





***These polishes were purchased by me with a blogger discount in exchange for an honest review, which can be found above!***


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