Press sample ahead!

Unicorn pee is even more magical than it sounds. I would love to toss it all over everything in my house, but I’m not entirely sure my boyfriend would go for it.

MAYBE he’d be oblivious enough that he wouldn’t notice it. We may have to try it. For science.

But but but. I’m pretty sure Demi could make some unicorns pee on anything and it’d be beyond glorious. For those that don’t know, the oh so lovely Demetria is the mastermind behind the goodies at www.baronessx.com and has made another custom for the X Army group on the book of faces. It’s stunning. Wait till y’all see it.

It’s a black jelly base with Unicorn Pee pigment in it, and it shifts from an olive shimmer to mahogany brown. Naturally, I barely got the olive in my photos BUT IT PURDY.

So, come on, take a seat. Get yourself a drink. Perhaps a snack. Maybe have your significant other prepare a cold shower because you’re going to need it after these photos. I promise.


You comfy yet? Let’s go.


obsidian-1 obsidian-2


Oh, and the best part? I didn’t need an undie! I was worried because my VNL is so dark, but it took three thin coats and BAM, full coverage. Also, the formula is so perfect that it dried quickly between coats and I didn’t have any issues with pooling. SO GOOD, Y’ALL. TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD.


obsidian-8 obsidian-9 obsidian-10


I’m so jazzed that Demi made this during autumn, but if we’re being honest here, I’d wear it year-round. The shifty pigment is so completely gorgeous that I have no real words. I could just sit here and spew the same ones over and over. But that’d be boring.

And now for the details. If you’re in the X Army group on Facebook, this’ll be available for purchase on the 20th of October. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

If you’re not a member, we’re constantly adding folks, so come check it out! We usually slow down on adding when customs launch to ensure that those already in the group get one, but I know we’d all enjoy your polish-lovin’ company!

Super short post tonight, but hopefully you’re focusing on my photos and not so much the lack of words. So uh… yeah! Y’all need this. Trufax.



Velasha out!


****This polish was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, which can be found above!****



12 Replies to “Baroness X | Obsidian

  1. 1. your review is hilarious and awesome, and I don’t know how I wasn’t reading/following you already. 2. this is GORGEOUS!!!! 3. I don’t own anything with unicorn pee, but this might have to be my first.

  2. I’m about four years on the late side , but I saw this polish in a destash so looked it up. I found your swatch and review. I love your reviews! Not only are they good but you make me smile. Mainly though, I love your nails. Your nails are so beautiful!

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