Ohay! I’m dozing off after a looooong day, but I’m seriously slacking on blog posts SOOOO HERE WE ARE.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea (and the oh so lovely Kiley!) from Pretty & Polished at Polish Con 2016 back in September, and oh man. She’s an absolute delight. They both are. While I was there, I had the chance to purchase their Halloween Trio a bit early, so I snagged a set as one of my first purchases of the day.

What better way than to start the month of Halloween than with some gorgeous and ghoulish holos? These are all incredible, and I even attempted art with them!  BE PROUD.

Also, can we please just appreciate how long my nails are? They’re a bit too long, but they’re healthy for once, so I’m super excited. After I get through the next few swatchfests, they’re going to be shortened, just a tiny bit. I really need to learn how to shape them, ugh.


ANYWHO. Photos now.

The Night She Came Home; an orange holographic shade with color shifting flakes floating around. OH MY EFF. This orange. I have no words. Or at least words that I haven’t said before. It’s the embodiment of autumn and Halloween, I think. The flakies just… IT’S LIKE PUMPKIN JUICE. Yeah, I’m excited. Two coats and it was at full opacity, too! NEATO.

the-night-she-came-home-1 the-night-she-came-home-3 the-night-she-came-home-5


Hail to the Queen, Baby!; a deep purple holographic shade. There’s this blue flash to this one that I just can’t stop staring at. The holo is somewhat subtle, but this polish is breathtaking. Two coats and it’s perfect. The formula was spot on and I had no issues with staining.

hail-to-the-queen-baby-1 hail-to-the-queen-baby-3 hail-to-the-queen-baby-5


She’ll Tear Your Soul Apart; a deep black jelly holographic packed with tiny holographic glitters. I was worried this one would be… gritty? I tend to have bad luck with jelly + glitter formulas, but this one was amazing. It settled easily and dried with no texture. It’s so shiny and deep… It’s like a galaxy, y’all. And with the jelly formula? Only needed two coats to hide my VNL. YAY!


shell-tear-your-soul-apart-4shell-tear-your-soul-apart-1 shell-tear-your-soul-apart-2


Maaaaaan. My macro game is weak as hell. Whatever. It’ll do for now. I just bought two helmers… Next check, I think I’m going to grab a tripod and macro lens set for my phone to see if that helps. I shake so much that I have issues steadying my hand enough for a super sharp photo. Meh. These’ll do for now!


Also, lol fingerprints. I may or may not have forgotten to wipe down the bottles before pictures. HAH. I goof’d.

But, this collection is awesome, huh? I’m beyond glad that I bought it, I know I’m going to try lots more art during the month with ’em. Speaking of! Y’all get to meet Jack and the bats!



I’m so stinkin’ proud, yo.


If you’re thinking of grabbing a set (which you know you totally wanna), you can get them here and you can also buy them individually if not all of them float yer boat.


Whatcha think?


And now I’m taking my sleepy butt to bed. I had a dental consult this morning (and oral surgery next week) and I’m all loopy. So if this post is wonky, I blame my meds. Thanks for reading either way. :)


Velasha out!


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