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Y’all. Narnia is finally cooling down! It’s only supposed to be 65 tomorrow. HOOOOOODIE WEATHER, HALLELOO. Watch, now that I’ve said that, it’s gonna be hot as balls. Shoot. My bad, folks. My bad.


Whatever. The heat never bothered me anyway.


…That’s a damn lie. It gets above 70 and I start melting and whining.


Bubutbutbut to bring in the cooler weather, I’ve got an AWESOME Halloween Collection from a super neat new-to-me indie! Posh Paints Nail Lacquer joined the indie world back in January, and Courtney has created some gorgeous things since, no lie. I need to get my hands on her holos, my goodness.

This collection is absolutely fabulous, it’s bright and dark all at the same time and a ton of fun. Made up of 5 polishes, there’s two crellies/jellies, one fantastic glitter bomb, and two cremes. The collection is also currently up for preorder from now until September 29th! Just wait till you guys see the names, you’re going to love them. Cheeky without being vulgar. Do like!


Photos? Photos!

Ghoul Please! is a fun white crelly with a mix of orange, black, green, purple and holo silver glitters. Keep an eye out, folks! The other two with glitter are made up of the same glitters, just in different bases. I love it! They look similar, but then again not at all. Ghoul Please! went on really easily and I didn’t have to fish for glitters. Had my nails been shorter, I totally could have gotten away with two coats, but my VNL is so… well, visible, I had to use three. Bah. It wasn’t too thick, though!

ghoulplease-2 ghoulplease-7



Creep It Real; a black jelly base with a mix of orange, black, green, purple and holo silver glitters. The tiny black glitters were a tad hidden due to the base, but the sparkle from them could totally be seen! I only needed two thin coats and top coat and I was good to go! I’ve never been one to like crellies or jellies, but these two have totally changed my mind. they’re just so fun!



Fright This Way;  a mix of orange, black, green, purple and holo silver glitters in a silver holographic base. OH MY. I want to use this as a topper for each Halloween mani. It’s so fun and flashy, it is life. My photos show it as two coats alone with top coat.

frightthisway-4 frightthisway-7


That’s My BOO! is a Prince-worthy purple creme. It went on in two buttery smooth coats, and the shine is out of this world. This purple is my favorite kind. It’s warm, but dark and cool at the same time? Color theory. I don’t know it. But purdy. That I do know. It’s definitely also worth mentioning that it did not stain! EEE!



Witch Better Have My Candy; an orange creme. THE NAME. The name alone makes this my favorite out of the collection. The color, though, man. It went on in two coats and is perfect. Not quite neon, not too dark. I’ve decided that it’s like a happy traffic cone color, but Halloween edition. Ugh, I need backup bottles of this one for sure.witchbetterhavemycandy-3witchbetterhavemycandy-2


I also attempted to art with these in the form of a simple smooshy mani. I kinda really dig it, yo!



The whole collection is pretty great, huh? You can snag it now for preorder until the 29th for $40 or individually for $9 each. The Halloween Collection will fully launch on October 1st. All shipping will start on the 3rd! I promise, y’all want this collection to kick off the fall season.


Oh! Also, my dear Courtney sent me some of her base coat to try, and I’m not having a whole lot of luck so far. THAT BEING SAID. Base coats and how polish wears on folks totally depends on body chemistry. I don’t have much luck at all with base coats these days, but I’m going to keep trying it out!


And now for all the links!

Any favorites from the collection? I’m definitely digging on the cremes for sure!


I’ll be back in a day or two, after I’ve had some time to enjoy the cooler weather and my pumpkin spice ALL THE THINGS.


Velasha out!



***These polishes were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, which can be found above. All opinions are my own.***

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