Press samples, y’all! 

You guuuuuuuuuys! I GOT TO WORK WITH THE BIG DOGS ON SOMETHING SPECIAL! I.. I.. I’m still fangirling almost two months later.

I’m super lucky. I was chosen as a blogger for this quarter’s Color Box and was paired with Julie of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer. And you know what color was chosen? GREY! HNNNNNNNNNG! No lie, about 75% of my closet is made up of grey clothing. I’m so jazzed that I was picked for a favorite color!

Haven’t heard of The Color Box? Lemme learn ya a thing straight from the website!

The Color Box is a quarterly collaboration between 5 brands and 5 bloggers who create 5 different polishes of the same color theme. The polishes are then packaged in a box and sold together for a limited time. This is done in pre-order fashion, meaning there is no quantity limitation and each box is made to order.

The color theme for each box is voted for by members of The Color Box group on facebook.


The box was an idea that Manna posted in a facebook group wishing for a box of all purple polishes. Jen saw the post and wanted to make the box a reality, so she began tagging brands and asked Amanda to help her tag indie brands. Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer was the first brand to volunteer and before we knew it, the box was born!


I took quite a few photos, so let’s get to it, eh?

Okay, so. The photo I used for inspiration was one that I took about two years ago at St. George Island in Florida. Annnd now I’m gonna share it because damnit, I’m effin’ proud. I seriously want to get this on a canvas one day to hang.


Julie from BEGL and I decided to name the polish Squall at St. George, which is perfectly fitting. It’s a blue-grey tight linear holographic with strong fine orange shimmer, orange shimmer, gun metal microflakies, and red microflakies. It’s super pigmented and went on pretty much in one coat, but I did two out of habit. It’s also got a satin finish, so if you’d like to see it shiiiiiiiine, you’ll need top coat. Ugh, I love it so. I’m almost tempted to buy a second box just for a back up. It’s got everything I love: grey, holo, flakies. unf.

squall-at-st-george-1 squall-at-st-george-2 squall-at-st-george-4


Amanda Loves Polish | Lollipop Posse;  Glittery Grey Matter – Pale grey, almost white crelly with blue and purple shimmer and a scattering of holo micro flakies. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this one since I like darker colors, but I fell in love with it quickly! It’s a bit on the thicker side, but I needed three coats for full opacity since my nail line is super visible. It went on a little unevenly, but settled beautifully! The shimmer in this is PERFECT.



Manicured & Marvelous | Poetry Cowgirl; Scarlet Dusk – medium grey crelly with bright cherry red matte glitters with black and burgundy micro glitters. Maaaaaan, this one is fantastic for fall! The grey mixed with burgundy is friggen LIFE. I want an outfit based around this polish! I used two coats for full opacity, and was super pleased with how evenly the glitter distributes. It dries to a slightly textured finish because of the glitters, so I did two coats of Seche Vite on top to keep my anxiety at bay.

scarlet-dusk-3 scarlet-dusk-5scarlet-dusk-4


Manna’s Manis | Polish M; Manna’s Magnificent Masterpiece – Medium grey with scattered holo, pink/purple to blue/green UCC mega flakies and a purple to blue shifty pigment. These flakies, y’all. Holy crap, they’re stunning. The polish itself is on the darker side, but the flakies give it such depth that I just want to swim in it. Two coats and top coat shown here! Formula was awesome and opacity was on point!

mannas-magnificent-masterpiece-3 mannas-magnificent-masterpiece-4 mannas-magnificent-masterpiece-5


xoxo, Jen | Contrary Polish; Fly Free – Pale grey with linear holo with green and purple shifting shimmer and black microflakies. Inspired by the Rock Dove. Fly Free is absolutely stunning. Makes me think of a rainy day in Washington State. The flakes, the holo, the shift. P E R F E C T. And it was fully opaque in two coats!



Aren’t they all lovely? Grey for fall is AWESOME. jfkjalkdjfskljf I seriously hope y’all love this box as much as I do. And if y’all wind up getting it, you’d best tag me in photos in instagram and stuff so I can see my baby on everyone’s nails!

Price & Availability: Pre order begins September 19th and ends September 26th. Price is $45 + shipping. Ships internationally!


And now I need to head out and get ready for Polish Con! Are any of you fine folks going? I EVEN ADULTED AND HAD BUSINESS CARDS MADE!

Later loves!


Velasha out!

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