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Ugh, I’ve slacked so hard on the blog. The whole house got sick and then Legion launched and I just kinda let it all slide. I’m sorry y’all! I should have plenty on here for you guys to enjoy over the next few weeks, though!

What better way to get back into the swing of things with some Whovian goodness?! The kickass Stacy from Exquisite Digits is launching her newly re-branded shop (y’all may remember her as Playlist Polish from a few years back) with a STUNNING 6 piece collection inspired by Doctor Who.

In all honesty, I was a tiny bit nervous because… c’mon, it’s Doctor Who. There’s so many things to be inspired by, but not everyone can do the Whovian universe justice.

Stacy did, though. And then some. This collection, when I look at it, I can picture exactly what these reference. It’s incredible. I am blown away. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this set. I hope that you guys love it as much as I do!

So, let’s get started, shall we? This post is going to be super photo heavy, and I ain’t even remotely sorry.


Gallifrey Sky; an amazing orange, red, and gold color multichrome. This one took three coats because of my VNL, but the formula is spot on. It wasn’t too thick or too thin, and builds up nicely. It makes me think of the anniversary special. Absolutely stunning, and a perfect representation.

Gallifrey Sky (1) Gallifrey Sky (4) Gallifrey Sky (5)


Hello Sweetie;  a show-stopping brown, copper,  and gold multichrome. This one also took three thin coats, but no issues here whatsoever. I feel as if River Song would be super proud of this. Between her endless curls and her love’s Sonic Screwdriver, it’s perfect.

Hello Sweetie (1) Hello Sweetie (2) Hello Sweetie (4)


Rose; a beautiful sparkling pinkish brown-leaning mauve. Oh, this one is delicate and gorgeous in every way possible. It went on in two flawless coats and the sparkles catch your eye in every lighting. It’s impossible to dislike this polish (especially if Rose is your favorite!).

Rose (1) Rose (3) Rose (4)


Fantastic!; a stunning stormy blue/gray scattered holo polish. Be still, my Christopher Eccleston-loving heart. I was so completely sad when he regenerated into Tennant (and then I fell in love approximately 16 minutes later), but this polish helps to soothe those wounds. Three thin coats and I was ready to go. The holo really gives it an extra… Unf. Friggen gorgeous!

Fantastic (1)Fantastic (5)Fantastic (3)


Geronimo; a deep maroon with holographic micro-flakes. UNNNNNNNNNNNNF. Sweet effin’ baby Jesus, it’s gorgeous. I love all burgundy and maroon shades. And when you throw in holo? Well. I need a cold shower. This two-coater is perfection in a tiny glass bottle. The shade is so warm and inviting, just like Matt Smith’s version of the beloved Doctor.

Geronimo (6)Geronimo (2)Geronimo (4)


And now, for my favorite from the collection…

Bigger on The Inside; a stunning bright (Tardis) blue with holographic micro-flakes. I slapped this bad boy on and ran around the house looking at my nails in all sorts of different lighting. The blue that Stacy chose for the base seriously glows, and gives it so much depth that it’s unreal. It’s the perfect blue to explore all of space and time in a wibbly-wobbly fashion. All you need is two coats and you’re set to travel!

Bigger On The Inside (1) Bigger On The Inside (3) Bigger On The Inside (4)



Ain’t they all purdy? If you’re a proper Whovian and would like to get your hands on these beauties, you can, starting tomorrow (September 2nd) at 8am! There’s a nifty little Facebook invite so y’all don’t forget which can be found here.

I’ve also got some handy links so you fine folks can drool some more over Stacy’s creations!

Email: [email protected]


And with that, I am out! Gonna get back to leveling my mage and pretending I’m not an adult that has bills to pay. Someone send help.


Velasha out!



***This collection was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!***

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