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Ohay! I just want to thank y’all for sticking around throughout the last few weeks. Things have been crazy, and they show no signs of stopping. Lord help me.

My love from Pretty & Polished, Chelsea, created a GORGEOUS collection based on one of her favorite movies, Connie and Carla. Admittedly, I haven’t seen it, but that’s going to change soon. It looks absolutely fabulous! This collection releases tomorrow, 8/19!


I’m going to see how many photos I can add before I go over the limit so uh. Let’s jump right in! I’m really excited to share this collection with you guys because it’s fun and happy and a great way to wrap up the summer.

Along with Chelsea’s descriptions for the polishes, I’m going to add in her little comments about them. I love how much thought she put into these, and I know y’all are going to enjoy all of them too!

‘N Cream – This polish has a white crelly base and is packed with peach glitters in different sizes. Two of the characters in this movie are a duo called Peaches ‘n Cream. The one half of the duo, ‘N Cream, is played by one of my personal favorite actors Alec Mapa. He is absolutely hilarious and a generally wonderful person IRL. One of my favorite quotes from him in the movie “My name is ‘N Cream, what does it even mean?”

I’m so completely in love with this one. For someone who normally doesn’t like crellies, I’m sold. It’s dainty and fresh and had no issues with texture! I only needed two coats, too!

N Cream (1) N Cream (2) N Cream (6)


Don’t Be a Drag – A purple Jelly base packed with Holographic and Sapphire glitters. This movie is all about Drag Queens so there needed to be a Drag inspired polish. 

This one is inky yet vibrant and reminds me of the night sky. I only needed two coats! It was super dense and went on beautifully. It dried with a little bit of texture, so I used two coats of top coat for my photos.

Don't Be a Drag (2)Don't Be a Drag (5) Don't Be a Drag (4)


Quick Change Queens – This is a gray to nude color changing polish packed with different shades of glitter. This polish represents the queens who put on shows (just like in the movie) and have to work their tails off to get in and out of their fabulous outfits. 
     Be still, my grey-loving heart! I only needed two coats for this one! I was also so damn cold that I could only get photos of it in the warm state when we left the house for food, hah. I love the nude base it has when warm. It’s stunning. Because I don’t do textures, I also needed two coat for this one. It wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t stand it looking uneven in my photos because of the slight texture. The polish is friggen gorgeous, with or without it.
Quick Change Queens (3) Quick Change Queens (4) Quick Change Queens (6) Quick Change Queens (8)


Debbie Darling – A light golden crelly base packed with gold and red glitter. Debbie Reynolds is a well respected Hollywood starlet in general but most definitely in the Drag community. She is an inspiration and some Queens even base their performances and characters off of her. She is spoken about in the movie several times and even makes an appearance in a gorgeous red outfit with her golden hair. 
     Ahhhhh, this one makes my heart happy. It’s incredibly regal, just like Debbie Reynolds. It’s classy and subtle with the perfect amount of sass within the red glitters. I only needed two coats of polish and one coat of top coat. I know I’m going to be rocking this a ton this fall. Debbie Darling (2)
Debbie Darling (1)Debbie Darling (5)


Belles of the Balls – This is a very dark blue, leaning black, jelly base. It has black and blue holographic glitters and neon dot glitters. This polish represents a performance group in the movie. Connie and Carla and the Belles of the Balls! 
     !!!!! I effing love this one! It honestly makes me think of Halloween because of the base, but the colors are absolutely divine! I needed three coats, but it went on flawlessly. I love how the jelly base and dot glitters give it so much depth. /swoon!Belles of the Balls (2)Belles of the Balls (3)
Belles of the Balls (1)

South Pacific Sing Along – A light blue crelly base packed with colorful glitters of varying sizes. This polish represents a part of Connie and Carlas show in the movie. South Pacific is a Musical and one of the more prevalent songs in the movie is from that musical called “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair”. 
     Oh man. SPSA is so bright and fresh and happy as all get out! The light blue base is super opaque, so I only needed two thin coats for full coverage. I did need two coats of TC, but for nothing other than my sanity.South Pacific Sing Along (4)
South Pacific Sing Along (3)South Pacific Sing Along (1)


Scary Mary – This is a red, leaning more berry, jelly base packed with red glitters. The term “Mary” is used as a term of endearment in this move. I got the name from a line in the movie “That’s scary, Mary”.
    Scary Mary is oh so seductive! It’s so densely packed that you only need two coats and you’re good to go. Holy shitballs, it’s gorgeous. I love that it has so much character and depth between the different types and sizes of red glitters and the jelly base. Oh, Mary.Scary Mary (3)
Scary Mary (1)Scary Mary (6)


Chelsea seriously knocked this collection out of the park! Something light and fresh yet deep and seductive to round out the summer.  I hope everyone can find something they love in it, whether or not the movie is known to them. Y’all, this collection is stunning. What do you guys think of it?
I mentioned it above, but this collection launches tomorrow (Friday the 19th) and the prices range from $8.50-9 individually. If you’re looking to snag the whole set, you can pick it up for $57!
Also, have any of you fine folks seen the movie? I’m planning to sit down and watch it soon!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I look forward to getting back into the swing of things soon! <3
Velasha out!
****These polishes were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos. All opinions are my own.****

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