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Hey loves! I’m in Georgia! I should be packing, but am I? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell naw. My apartment is a mess. But that’s okay, because my nails look and feel amazing. Let’s hope I don’t break any. Ugh.


I’ve got a super new-to-me brand out of Hawaii to share with y’all! Nailed It! Nail Polish is a 5-free indie that makes some seriously gorgeous polishes, and some kick ass nail care products.

nail care goodies (4)

The photo above shows my nails before I started. Dry. Damaged. Splitting. I went polish-free for 5 days, testing everything. It was super nice to not fuss with polishing or getting acetone all over. I trimmed my nails on the last day, but just because I wanted to minimize any damage that might happen during the move. My cuticles look healthier and my nails aren’t splitting nearly as much. I’m a believer. The swatcher’s package that I was sent was made up of 5 items, so let’s jump in!


Full size cuticle oil (10ml) – $6. Scent is Black Raspberry Vanilla (I believe, my sticker fell off because I’m an idiot and my oil leaked because I made an oops). It smells amazing and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. I’ve also got some seriously rough skin on the sides of my nails, and I can tell that this softened that to the point that I have fewer issues with flooding during polishing. If that even makes sense. Hmf.

nail care goodies (7)


Full size cuticle cream – $5. Mine was in Pink Sugar and holy balls, it’s amazing. It smells EXACTLY like the Pink Ice perfume from Rue 21 (my absolute favorite, my goodness). Also absorbs super quickly and leaves just soft, supple skin. Also love that the little tin is super easy to open!

nail care goodies (11)


Mani bomb (plus a mini!) – $2. These smell so clean and fresh, but with the slightest feminine touch to round it out. We were worried that the Hawaiian humidity and transit would kill the fizziness, but nope! They both fizzed super well and work wonderfully. They have some serious oils packed in – when I pulled my hands out of the water, I rubbed them together to mush in allllllllll of those oils, and then dabbed them off with a towel. The scent lasted for a few hours, but not in an overpowering sense. My hands were MUCH softer, too!

nail care goodies (1) nail care goodies (3) nail care goodies (5)


Mini lotion bars – price TBD. These are still being worked on, but I really like them so far! The humidity made them a tiny bit gritty, but nothing to make me like them any less. The lotion bars have lavender essential oils in them, as well as little leaves! They smell absolutely heavenly and I’d say are pretty on par with Lush’s lotion bars.

nail care goodies (14)


At the end of it, my nails feel sooooo much healthier. I scuffed one, so it looks a little dry, but nothing that a few more days of oiling up can’t help!

nail care goodies (10)


Ahhh, I can’t give these goodies enough praise. They’re all effin’ fantastic and I’m excited for y’all to get your hands on them when they become available!


What do you guys think? Be sure to check out Nailed It! Nail Polish’s instagram feed for updates and new things!


Velasha out!



***These polishes were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I paid for shipping, but did not pay for the products. All opinions above are my own!***

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