It’s almost Friday, aw yiss! I should be packing and finishing laundry and getting ready for GenCon and my flight to Georgia but nope. I’m fishing in WoW and working on editing. #priorities

Back when I won Becky’s giveaway, Angie from Sassy Pants Polish was one of the sponsors and I was told to pick an available polish from her shop. After tooling around in there for a while, my vampy little holo-loving heart settled on Kiss Me, a beautiful semi-sheer burgundy holo shade. We had some miscommunication about the polish being sent, but that’s long over, and I soon had the new-to-me polish in my hands.

It’s such a gorgeous shade, and I was super excited to try it. Since it’s described as semi-sheer, I went in knowing I’d need at least three coats to hide the VNL that I hate so much. They went on easily, and I had no issues with pooling, but they seemed to go on unevenly. Looking back now, I see that I have some patches where the polish didn’t apply evenly.

That being said, it’s nothing that’ll make me put up this polish forever and ever, but I’m a little bummed. It’s still incredibly beautiful and will be something that I wear often during the fall, but I wish the formula were a bit more consistent.

but. that. holo.

Ohhhh. Oh my. I love it so.

Kiss Me (1) Kiss Me (3)

In these two, you can see the inconsistency in the formula up by my cuticle. I thought about adding more polish to even it out but I was worried it’d get gummy. Still gorgeous, though!

Kiss Me (4) Kiss Me (5)


Overall, I really like the polish, as far as the finish and the shade… wonder if I can marble with it since the formula is on the thinner side. I know what I need to try!

I hope you fine folks are having a wonderful week! <3


Velasha out!

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