SHAAAAAAAARKS! Y’all. They’re my favorite. Besides cats. SHARKS. I just wanna swim with a ton of nurse sharks and see how awesome they are up close.


When I saw that Pahlish was putting out a shark-themed LE polish for July, I had to snag it. I just couldn’t NOT own it. Nope. No can do. This chocolatey taupe is everything, especially with the shimmer!

It went on in two thin coats and just looks incredible in every lighting. The formula is labeled as a jelly, but it was more of a crelly to me since the base was a bit more opaque. If that uh… made any sense. I tried, you guys. But it settled beautifully with top coat and I can see this as a total SFW option, especially in the fall.

Jawsome (1) Jawsome (2) Jawsome (6)


I seriously love the shimmer in this. It reminds me of shark skin in the shimmering waters. It’s friggen swoon-worthy. The polish is still available, too! You can find it for $12 here and it’s available through the end of July. $2 from each bottle sold will go to the Ocean Conservancy (http://www.oceanconservancy.org). SAVE THE WIDDOL BABY SHARKS!


And with that, I am out. I hope y’all don’t mind a quick and dirty review now and then. Have a good evening. :D


Velasha out!

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