Is it nap time yet? No? Oh. Okay. Must be time for caffeine. I have a serious craving for some coffee. I miss my Keurig something fierce, so I’m going to see about shipping it from Georgia up to Narnia. My amazing boyfriend got it for me for Christmas and I got maybe a month usage out of it before coming up for visits. Such a shame. I bet it’s lonely.

You know what else is lonely? All of my poor ILNPs down in the dirty South. Luckily, I won two in Naked Without Polish‘s giveaway a few months back, so I can finally give it some love here on the blog!

I know we’re all a little bit over the rose gold trend, but this polish is just too pretty to not show off. I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting my iPhone in rose gold. It’s friggen stunning. Between the holo and the metallic goodness, I’m in love.

Juliette “is an absolutely gorgeous ultra metallic holographic with a beautiful rose gold finish.” It went on in two thin coats and was super easy to clean up. I was a little hesitant, but I had no issues. It also wasn’t difficult to remove, either!

Juliette (1) Juliette (2)


The sparkles are absolutely insane. Seriously.

Juliette (3) Juliette (4)

I’m going to pretend that I didn’t completely wreck my nails last week and embrace how classy this polish makes them look. Isn’t it gorgeous? Juliette is still available and you can find it here!

And with that, I am out! I’m going to eat some superbadforme ramen and play some WoW until I have to work and try to keep my calm around potato clients. Ugh.

Happy Friday, loves!

Velasha out. :D

***I won this polish in a giveaway, so I did not pay for it. It’s also worth mentioning that I do not gain anything from you clicking on the links in my post as they are not affiliate links. Thanks for reading!***

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