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I’M DONE WITH DOUBLES! Y’all can’t let me do that again. Ever. I’m exhausted. Two naps later and I’m still feeling like I could sleep for a century. But but but I have some gorgeous Baroness X flakies for you guys. I’m in love with these. You already know this post is going to be HELLA photo heavy.

Demi makes magical things. You know this by now. These seriously take her wizardry to a whole new level. The Dreamscape Collection Part I is comprised of 4 iridescent flake and glitter-packed polishes. I tested mine with one coat over black because we wanted to see the depth that they add as well as how they can transform a basic mani, but these look stunning on their own or over any color (dark colors look bangin’ though!). The final photo for each polish also shows the two middle fingers matted. YOU GUYS. Holy shit. They look incredible matted. It gives you a chance to see the flakes and each color that is mixed in.


Imaginaria has purple flakies burried in a multichrome glass glittery base. It came out way more blue for me, but I can definitely see the purple shift, and I love it! I love how you can see the individual flake shards with it being matted. In that last photo, too, you can definitely see that purple shift!

Imaginaria (12) Imaginaria (15) Imaginaria (17)



Arcadia reminds me of the sea. It’s got iridescent flakes in this gorgeous almost pale sea foam base. It shifts from green to aqua to gold depending on the lighting. I love it. This is what I picture as the color for all of the mermaids in fantasy land.

Arcadia (5) Arcadia (8) Arcadia (16)




Utopia. Ahhhh, firey bronze flakies! Over black, the glass flake base almost pulls purple. If any of y’all play WoW, this is the exact color scheme of Firelands! Oh, and the gold. Just. It’s firey and regal and beautiful.

Utopia (16) Utopia (6)Utopia (18)



Fantasia! And the award for most likely to spaz out my camera goes to… This purple and blue flake goddess. There’s a tiny bit of gold shimmer that peeks through. Over black, it’s inky and galaxy-like and when matted, those blue flakes seriously show through! UNF.

Fantasia (2)Fantasia (7) Fantasia (6)


I’m seriously in awe of how spectacular this set is. The formula is on point, and I had no issues with texture or anything like that.


These are currently unavailable as a set, but you can snag them individually! There’s a part II that I’ll have up next week to share with you guys. You don’t want to miss either of these sets. Magical, ethereal, loveliness.


You can find Demi’s shop here: http://baronessx.com/ (get yo’self some some sugared baubles and swatcher’s balm. seriously.)

Also, we’ve got a super fun facebook group called the X Army. In there, you’ll find information on restocks, releases, and sales. OH AND MAGICAL UNICORN PEE CUSTOMS. Y’ALL.

It only took 3 hours to write this. Yep. I need sleep. I uh. I’m gonna go do a thing. Later y’all!


Velasha out!



***These polishes were sent to me in exchange for photos and an honest review, which I have provided above. All opinions are my own!***



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