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Ghostbusters! Honestly, I don’t have super high hopes for the new one coming out, but I definitely want to see it. To coincide with the release of the new film, Demi from Baroness X created this trio of oozy goodies that all y’all are going to want. I promise.

This set will be $15 plus shipping and includes an acetone additive, jelly soap, and a gorgeous full-sized polish. There’s only going to be 50 sets, so you’re gonna have to be quick when it launches on Friday the 15th at 3pm PST!

This is going to be super photo heavy. I ain’t even sorry.

“Ectofizz is a cousin to Fluorofizz but with green pigment. Suspended in a green holo jelly base are black and holo black circle glitters of various sizes and black microglitter.” Now, I had some issues getting the larger glitter discs to come out on the brush, BUT I’m pretty sure that’s because of the mini bottle. I could only mix it so much with the little space. That being said, this polish is f***ing stunning. It’s glowy and holo-y and delightful. I shared it on my personal facebook page, and everyone loved it. I, a non-green lover, loved it. I first tried it by itself and then over a white base to make the neon pop. I love it both ways, and the holo gives it such depth. By itself, I only needed two coats (and one coat of top coat, but it was just to seal it – not to settle the glitters), but over white, I used three. I had to, because I shake and did uneven layers SOOOOOOO you could see where I was light with it and had to go back over. OOOOOOOPS.

Ectofizz (2)Ectofizz (3)Ectofizz (4)


Over white! I’m pretty proud of this next faux-macro. I don’t have my little clip-on lens and only my phone but hey, it worked! Too bad you can see where I tore my skin, hah.


Ectofizz (7)Ectofizz (1)Ectofizz (9)


“Stay Puft Acetone Additive is marshmallow scented and UV reactive. Add the entire vial to 6-8oz of acetone and shake.” This. Smells. Amazing. AND IT GLOWS. It looks so neat in the vial and then you put it under black light and MAGIC STUFF, Y’ALL. Yeah, yeah. The photo is grainy. Ain’t no way for me to take the photo in a large room with no place to balance myself and rely solely on the light from the vial, haha. I tried.



“EctoPunch jelly soap is lime slime green and UV reactive. Tropical fruit punch scented with floats of lime and sugarcane.” THIS ONE GLOWS TOO. And it smells even more amazing. If that’s even possible. I don’t get a tropical scent from it so much as a clean and fresh scent, but holy shit it’s great. If this were made into wax tarts and everything else that I can slather all over myself, it’d be my go-to. It smells like California to me. I don’t know. It’s just. Incredible. AND it’s jiggly. I made the boyfriend and one of the nerds feel it because JELLY and both – on different occasions, away from each other – asked if they could lick it… wat?



This set, you guys, is beyond cool. Honestly. I nearly happy pee’d when I opened the mail. Demi is so damn creative and everything she makes is awesome. Even if you’re not big on the new Ghostbusters film, this set is very nostalgic and definitely makes me think of the original. I love it.

Make sure to snag one Friday at 3pm PST over at!

Annnnd now it’s bed time for me, I picked up two doubles over the next two days. I need all the sleep I can get. Y’all have a good night!

Velasha out!



****This set was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided above. I was not paid for this, nor do any of my links in here lead to an affiliate link.****



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